Ilon Mask will send to Mars along with the rocket Falcon Heavy electric car Tesla Roadster

If the first test launch is successful, the missile and   an electric car will plow the space under the song of David Bowie " Space Oddity "

Ilon Mask will send to Mars along with the rocket Falcon Heavy electric car Tesla Roadster

How would this happen

AT   SpaceX again carried the first test launch of Falcon Heavy: on   This time she should go to   orbit of Mars in   January 2018. But   she will not go   herself, yes   also   to music: in   As a payload, the Tesla Roadster electric car will turn into a dark cherry color,   the salon of which will be played by David Bowie 's song " Space Oddity " .

As reported in   his Twitter founder of the companies SpaceX and   Tesla Ilon Mask, his two offspring will go to   The orbit of Mars with   Cape Canaveral (USA). They will plow the space on   billions of years   - if, of course, not   will explode on take-off. "Anyway, it will be exciting"   - promises the Mask.

What is Falcon Heavy

Falcon Heavy   This is a superheavy missile that can deliver   Mars before   16.8 tons of cargo. Her   The first launch was repeatedly postponed from   2013, therefore, perhaps, up to   January in   SpaceX still change all plans. Initially with   Falcon Heavy wanted to send the unmanned transport ship Red Dragon, but   at   Finally, it was decided to replace it with   electric car.

By the way, not   It is worth to be surprised at this choice of payload: in   SpaceX and   used to be sent to   space useless things. For example, with   the Dragon in   2010 on   orbit of the Earth sent the head of cheese.

Source: The Verge

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