Face Detection in Windows 10 was hacked with a black and white photo

Windows Hello " recognized " its owner on   black and white photos and   low resolution image

Face Detection in Windows 10 was hacked with a black and white photo

Security researchers from   German company SySS GmbH conducted an experiment and   without hacking the face detection function Windows Hello for OS   Windows 10. And   for this not even   needed twins or a 3D mask, as in   the case with   Face ID   for iPhone X.

What is Windows Hello?

Windows Hello   Is a function created specifically for the OS   Windows 10. It uses an infrared image in order to know its owner and   Unlock the device. But   for this you need a camera with   infrared sensor, and   gadgets with   with this equipment a bit.

How hacked

" Burglars " are not   It took a special effort to fool Windows Hello. They used the   laser printer photo of the owner after changing it   before   necessary infrared spectrum . At the same time, we used a low resolution image   - 340 × 340 pixels.

To deceive the system, even the " enhanced protection from   spoofing. " But   for this you need a photo with   higher resolution   - 480 × 480 pixels.

Recognized Windows Hello and   black and white photo, but   for this it is necessary to seal the infrared sensor with an opaque electrical tape.

Source: SySS GmbH

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