Manufacturers of smartphones swear that they do not slow down old devices like Apple

HTC, Motorola, LG   Electronics and   Samsung Electronic claims that it does not   Use the practice of Apple to slow down old iPhones for the sake of extending the " life " of the battery

Manufacturers of smartphones swear that they do not slow down old devices like Apple

After Apple 's recent loud   special slowdown of older smartphones, other smartphone manufacturers have told   whether they have a similar strategy. Recall that in   Apple said they intentionally reduced the performance of the iPhone 6 , 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE   and   7 s   worn-out batteries to extend the " life " of the battery.

The situation was commented on in   HTC, Motorola, LG   Electronics and   Samsung Electronic. These companies assure that the   there is no such " sin " . So, HTC and   Motorola stressed that this is not   their   method. " We   not   reduce the performance of the CPU due to a worn out battery "   - Motorola representative said.

AT   LG   Electronics assure that never   slowed down old devices and   not   intend to   further practice such a way to save the battery. " We do not   I do not care what they think of our customers "   - emphasized in   company.

AT   turn in   Samsung said that they are storing batteries in more " humane " ways: for example, with   using software algorithms that regulate the battery charge current and   duration of charge. " For Samsung Mobile, the issue of product quality has always been   will always stand in   head of the corner "   - summed up in   company.

Recall that in   Last year, Apple decided to cheat and   at   update iOS taught iPhones to reduce the frequency of the processor to avoid peak energy consumption and   prevent premature disconnection of the smartphone. After loud recognition at the   Apple showered accusations and lawsuits .

Source: The Verge , Rhonearena

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