All LG televisions this year will receive a built-in Google Assistant

Their TVs work on WebOS with their own voice assistant. But now LG will begin to embed and Google Assistant in products under the brand "ThinQ".

All LG televisions this year will receive a built-in Google Assistant

LG is already ready to introduce a new line of OLED-TVs at CES 2018. The company said that all new TVs will receive a built-in voice assistant from Google.

Until then, all the manufacturer's TVs were delivered on the webOS operating system and had their own voice assistant. But LG takes a step forward by embedding Google Assistant in products with AI under the "ThinQ" brand.

How it will work

You can use the built-in assistant to solve specific issues, but in some countries (LG does not yet say which) it will be possible to switch from the built-in assistant to Google Assistant, which can solve a more extensive list of tasks, and it is able to manage a smart house. Thanks to this LG televisions, in fact, will become intelligent home control centers. Devices, as before, will work on WebOS, but with new ThinQ features.

Along with all these innovations, the company will show a new processor for image processing Alpha 9 for new TVs. According to the manufacturer, this chipset will improve noise reduction, color rendering, and also support the transfer of content in 120 fps.

Source: TheVerge

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