Huawei will increase the number of budget smartphones in 2018

Huawei plans to increase the supply of budget devices this year

Huawei will increase the number of budget smartphones in 2018

According to Huawei CEO Ren Zhenfey in 2017, the company shipped 153 million smartphones. This figure increased by 15.3 million compared to last year. In 2018, the company is going to increase it by selling budget models.

According to Huawei president Ren Zhenfey, increased supplies of inexpensive devices will help improve the company's revenue. After all, such state employees are now popular with 90% of consumers and satisfy most of their requests.

What will happen next

Everything says that in 2018 the technical giant will "step on its heels" to its main competitors - Samsung and Apple. Now the company is difficult to compete with them in the flagship segment, but thanks to the medium and budget - it will become quite real. This strategy will be key for Huawei in the new year. But it will not be so simple, because the Chinese fellow Xiaomi - one of the leaders in this price segment, so that marketers will have to work hard. Still, low-income markets have a lower profit rate.

Source: Gizmochina

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