A full-featured cyberpunk trailer from Netflix "Changed Carbon" was released

A full-featured cyberpunk trailer from Netflix "Changed Carbon" was released

Netflix released a full-fledged trailer of its most expensive series "Changed Carbon."

AND   if the   unintelligible teaser was not   It is quite clear where the company deals so much money   different data from   $ 5 to   $ 8   million for   series), then   trailer is almost not   leaves questions. Looks stylish, expensive and   cheerfully. How cleverly noticed in   comments on   YouTube   - 10 William Gibson and   10.

ABOUT   than a film

The story unfolds in   The 25th century. People sorted out the   cancer, bitcoin and   voice-over laughing in   series and   switched to   more important issues   - the digitization of the human mind. A person's consciousness can now be placed on   a flash drive, and   then in   Another body (even if it is against), which promises the audience a bunch of cool twists. Main character   - Rick Descartes local spill, former war hero who went on   curve track. He was placed in   prison as much   on   500 years, but   the   he had a chance to leave   - you need to investigate the murders. Only the investigation is ordered by the murdered millionaire himself   - in   new body, alive and   cheerful,   - a   consciousness of a private detective had to overcome 186 light years to be on   Earth in   new body.

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