Huawei Honor View 10 together with the update received the function of Face Unlock

The face scanning system only works to unlock the screen, confirm payments are not   will

Huawei Honor View 10 together with the update received the function of Face Unlock

Smartphones Honor View 10 began to receive an update from   new opportunity   - Face recognition function.

How Face Unlock Works

In order to start using Face Unlock, you need to   settings to capture yourself in   all angles. Looking at   Front camera, take a picture of yourself from different angles   - and   ready, the system will remember you and   now, no   confused with   others.

Further, the technology will allow you to unlock the display, hide notifications when you see an outsider, and   not   The screen will be " extinguished " if you   on   see it, but   nothing is   you do. In addition, the manufacturer says that the system tracks the position of your head: most likely, this means that the image is not   will " turn " in   different sides, if you   lie down.

But ...

The function works only to unlock the screen   - for online payments, it is not yet   so safe. There is one more " but " : with   closed eyes are not   turn on the smartphone, and   not   try.

When to expect

The release of the update has already begun and   will last until   24 January. Before   This time all users of Honor View 10 will receive a new feature.

Let's remind, Honor   Is a sub-brand of Huawei, and   model Honor View 10   - an international version of the flagship smartphone V10. View 10 enrolled in   sale in   this month, but   While it can only be bought in   France, Germany, Italy, Spain and   Great Britain.

Source: GSMArena

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