A new version of Android Wear 2.8 has been released

Android Wear 2.8: Dark theme and a new type of notification

A new version of Android Wear 2.8 has been released

Google does not often release updates for Android Wear, but the project is still functioning and is not going to be closed yet.

Just a few days ago, Reddit users began to write that they had updated the Android Wear application to version 2.8, which added a few interesting features. First of all, now there is an opportunity to include a dark theme of the design. This is especially like the owners of watches with AMOLED screens (for example, Huawei Watch and Huawei Watch 2). Also, the dark theme will affect the autonomy of devices. Another type of notification has changed. Now more information is placed on the card.

The update of the application was officially confirmed by Google . It will be available to all smart watch users in the near future, but it is not yet clear which models will support the new features.

Source: Androidauthority

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