States did not submit: Verizon after AT & T refused to sell smartphones Huawei

Apparently, under the pressure of the authorities, the largest mobile operator in the US decided not to   sell in   network of Mate 10 and   other Huawei devices

States did not submit: Verizon after AT & T refused to sell smartphones Huawei

The American market, o   which is so dreaming of Huawei , all the farther away from   the Chinese company. The next hit was made by the largest mobile operator of the States of Verizon, which   his colleague AT & T refused to sell Huawei smartphones.

What happened

AT   AT & T operator has terminated the agreement with   Chinese brand about   sales in   smartphone network Huawei Mate 10. A   now from   sales, which were scheduled for   summer of this year, refused and   at   Verizon.

Moreover, the operators do not   will sell and   Chinese devices with   support 5G, and   Because Huawei is striving to become one of the   first manufacturers of such smartphones.

Why did it happen?

Probably Verizon and   AT & T severed all ties with   Huawei due to pressure from   side of the US authorities. AT   " Top " believe that the company cooperates with   authorities of China and   therefore carries a threat to national security. Recall that in   The US even wants to prohibit civil servants from using Huawei products .

A   in fact, not so long ago   Huawei dreamed of conquering America and   in 5 years to become the leader among the world manufacturers of smartphones . But   The American dream is still unattainable.

Source: Bloomberg

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