Huawei: "win" the US did not work, let's try now England

Huawei decided to invest in the development of the UK to strengthen its position in the country

Huawei: "win" the US did not work, let's try now England

After Huawei's plans to sell smartphones in the US with the help of operators failed , the company decided to strengthen its position in the UK.

What is known

During the business trip of British Prime Minister Teresa Mei to China, Huawei announced that the company is going to allocate $ 4.2 billion to the country for development in the future. The manufacturer plans to make a significant contribution to the UK by exploring vital technologies, including the 5th generation networks. Now in the country there are 15 offices of the company, in which 1500 people work. Also Huawei is engaged in the supply of telecommunications equipment for BT Group (British Telecom) and operator Vodafone .

In the dry residue

After the failure in the US, it is logical that the manufacturer decided to try to consolidate in another country. Moreover, in the UK the company is better known than in the US and it has great prospects for development there.

Source: Reuters

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