Frameless Smartphone UMi Touch X for only $150

Автор: , 16.03.2016
Frameless Smartphone UMi Touch X for only $150

Chinese smartphone manufacturers try to kick the World A-Brands not only with lower prices but also with technological benefits. They are not always that successful and the quality of their products are far from being premium, but sometimes they offer quite interesting devices for very reasonable prices. One of those who try to storm the water is UMi. They are planing to present a new smartphone UMi Touch X in a few days.

The main feature of the phone is it has almost frameless display. It seems the phone will have a glass back cover and metal sides. There will be a button with fingerprint scanner under the 5.5 inches 1920x1080 display, 3 GB RAM and 4000 mAh battery. The CPU will very likely be MediaTek Helio P10. The price expected at $150 with official sale launch on March 20.


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