@elon not on top - Telegram sold user names @auto, @bank, @avia, @chat, @amazon, @adidas and @fifa for $7 million

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 03.11.2022, 22:30
@elon not on top - Telegram sold user names @auto, @bank, @avia, @chat, @amazon, @adidas and @fifa for $7 million

Telegram auctioned off several user names for millions of dollars on the Fragment platform.

Here's What We Know

We wrote about a new way for Telegram to make money at the end of last month. At the time, the most expensive lot was the user name @bank. It was sold for 63,000 TON tokens, or more than $100,000 at the current exchange rate.

Within a week, prices had risen by an order of magnitude. @bank gave up the title of the most expensive lot. The final price was 850,000 TON ($1.36 million), but it paid 50,000 TON ($0.08 million) more for the name @auto. The nickname @avia was in the bottom three. It was valued at 800,000 TON ($1.28 million).

700,000 TON ($1.12 million) paid for the name @chat, and 600,000 TON ($0.96 million) - for @fifa. The lucky owner of the nickname @casino parted with 400,000 TON tokens ($0.64 million). Special mention should be made of @amazon, @adidas, @car and @dior. They paid 262,500 TON ($0.42 million), 250,000 TON ($0.4 million), 150,000 TON ($0.24 million) and 115,000 TON ($0.184 million), respectively.

In total, Telegram sold 10 names for more than 5 million TON, or $8.044 million, with the five most expensive nicknames bringing in more than 75% of revenue (3.85 million TON / $6.16 million). But @elon was paid a relatively modest $160,000.

Source: Fragment