Street Fighter 5 tournament abandons PlayStation in favour of PC

By: Dmitro Koval | 29.01.2023, 13:28
Street Fighter 5 tournament abandons PlayStation in favour of PC

Only computers will be used for the upcoming Capcom Cup tournament, which involves the best Street Fighter 5 players. This became known from a post by Capcom Fighters on Twitter:

No information is provided on the hardware, but the post states that the monitors will use a 144Hz refresh rate. This is expected to reduce input latency, the time it takes for the system to process a button press on the keyboard or controller and display the action on the screen. Low latency in games is a must for professional players, where a missed shot can significantly change the course of the game.

That's why the tournament will not use PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, which have poor latency. "At the tournament during the COVID-19 pandemic, where PlayStation 4 was chosen, many players switched to PCs as in-person events were cancelled and most tournaments were held online," says professional Street Fighter 5 player Arman Hanjani, also known as Phenom.

“We have all been playing on PC mostly for the last few years,” Hanjani says.

It's likely that the fact that the game runs better on PC was the catalyst for Capcom's decision. Other pro players, such as Arturo Sanchez, have long been pushing for tournaments to move from PlayStation to PC.

Source: The Verge