Gmail will appear on the Galaxy Flip 6 display

By: Nastya Bobkova | 10.07.2024, 22:30
Gmail will appear on the Galaxy Flip 6 display

Samsung is expanding the functionality of the Galaxy Flip's external display by adding the ability to use Gmail. This new feature will be available for the Galaxy Flip 6 and possibly the Flip 5.

Here's What We Know

Last year, the Galaxy Flip 5 introduced an updated, more functional external display for the company's flip phone. However, its capabilities were limited, offering only widgets and a few select apps to run on the 3.4-inch screen. The Galaxy Flip 6 improves on this display by adding more widget options and several new features.

In addition to Gmail, other apps such as Microsoft Outlook are expected to follow.

The Galaxy Fold 6 and Flip 6 are already available for pre-order.

Galaxy Flip owners can already use both apps thanks to Samsung Good Lock, which has the option to launch any app in a "FlexWindow".

The Galaxy Flip6 is available in silver grey, yellow, blue and mint so you can choose the colour that best suits your style. The price starts from 49,999 UAH.

Source: Samsung