An American spent $198 to buy an NFT and made $93,000

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 04.09.2021, 01:10
An American spent $198 to buy an NFT and made $93,000

A US resident purchased a non-exchangeable token and as a result was able to earn over $93,000 while spending less than $200.

How so?

American Alex Reyes has purchased 11 NFT tokens since 2019. This included an NFT from the Blitmap collection, which was created by artist dhof. Reyes bought it earlier this summer for 0.1 Ethereum, which was about $198 at the time.

Two months later, the artist raffled off another new project token, Pluto's Quill, among Blitmap holders. In total, dhof gave away 16 tokens, one of which went to Reyes.

Pluto's Quill was previously bought for a maximum of 20 Ethereum coins. After putting his gift token up for sale, Alex Reyes found that Pluto's Quill was purchased for 29 ETH (approximately $93,000 at the time of purchase). The lucky recipient will spend the money he receives to pay off the loans he took out to pay for his university tuition.

Source: Twitter