Samsung may take over production of Pfizer vaccine

By: Elena Shcherban | 20.09.2021, 20:17
Samsung may take over production of Pfizer vaccine

A fresh report from South Korea says that Samsung may be involved in producing a vaccine against the Pfizer coronavirus.

What does this mean?

So, this week South Korea's Moon Jae-in (Moon Jae-in) is in the United States. His plans are mostly related to the UN General Assembly but media reports that he also met with Albert Bourlar, CEO of Pfizer, one of the largest suppliers of vaccines against COVID-19.

Back in May, Moon and U.S. President Biden reached an agreement to develop the vaccine together. This partnership underpins a $2 billion investment plan designed to make South Korea the largest vaccine manufacturing hub in Asia.

Rumor has it that Samsung will play a big role in this research and development. More specifically - its biotechnology division Samsung Biologics. According to today's report, the Korean side of the deal also includes SK Bioscience's manufacturing facilities.

Incidentally, the South Korean company has also been involved in the fight against  coronavirus before. For example, last month introduced a way for Samsung Pay users to store digital vaccine credentials on their devices. The feature began rolling out worldwide in early September. Admittedly, to use it, you first need to become a CommonHealth user. And according to reviews on Google Play, many people still don't have the app  working.

Source: Sammobile