Sin City-themed NFT token sold for $840,000

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 14.10.2021, 09:49
Sin City-themed NFT token sold for $840,000

Another non-interchangeable token was sold for a huge amount of money. This time it was American film director Frank Miller with his animated and voice-over comic book Sin City.

NFT was sold at an auction. The bidding took place over 24 hours. The starting price was $435,000, but in the end the token was bought for $840,000. The payment was made in Gala cryptocurrency, which is worth about 9 cents. The auction organizers stressed that this was a record price for NFT with the comic.

For the picture, the author took drawings from the graphic novel, which tells about the death of detective John Hartigan. The artist thanked everyone who participated in the auction and stated that this token was his most expensive work. Miller has previously created ten NFTs on the theme of Sin City.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter