10+ adult products on AliExpress

By: Expert | 01.11.2021, 13:38
10+ adult products on AliExpress

Adult play is a wonderful thing, but it often requires special props. And there is no need to leave a lot of money in intimate boutiques, when there is good old (and inexpensive!) AliExpress. We've compiled a selection of items that will come in handy in the bedroom.

Usually when sending parcels with spicy goods, sellers delicately do not indicate on the boxes their contents. Therefore, if the parcel is delivered to your second half, and thus will be delivered to, for example, mother-in-law, you do not have to blush. Unless, for example, the mother-in-law is not too nosy to open other people's parcels...

So, what we found, and you are advised to try:

Naked Masquerade Costumes

sexy costume

Surely, That in a series of New Year's and pre-New Year's parties, you've already had enough masquerades. It's time to throw your own, and only for two.

A tight-fitting women's black polyester jumpsuit with a white spider on the belly looks very spicy. Here is just a need to carefully check the size set to ensure that the suit sits perfectly on the figure. Therefore, for a presentation to your favorite suit only if you know its parameters. True.

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $24.

Generally, women's piquant images on the auspicious Ali - a lot. All the classics:

Women erotic suits from ali

Maid costume

Includes dress made of polyester and lace tippet - and certainly black stockings to it your girl probably will find.

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $14.

Schoolgirl Costume

The set includes a bouncy top and a pleated skirt. But the stockings, as in the case of the maid, will have to buy separately.

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $12.

Policewoman costume

If it is time to punish a man, it is better to turn to the guardians of the law. Turn your girlfriend into one of them with a matching outfit, with the seller pointing out that all sizes are available, from S (for sergeant) to XXL (if your sweetheart is a sheriff).

Where to Buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $17.

Racer Costume

This is if all of the aforementioned young ladies are already bored.

Where to Buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $23.

Almost forgot - nurse! But you'll find that one on your own - between a policewoman and a schoolgirl.

And if your fanaticism is not so trivial, and you, for example, a movie buff - check out the costume below.

Costume Catwoman

One-piece suit made of artificial leather. Available in large sizes: M, L, XL (that's how much leather!)

Aliexpress catwoman costume

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $2400.

Spicy women's panties

Lingerie never ceases to excite the imagination not only of men but also of women themselves. When the time comes to diversify the relationship somehow, replenishment of the intimate wardrobe - the first thing that comes to mind. And if a bra requires fitting, then panties are the perfect item for online shopping.

In this regard Aliexpress - lingerie Klondike! Panties there is an abundance of different styles: thong, slip, Brazilian, culottes, tanga, etc. And do not even need to know the meaning of these words: "panties" and "shorts. And it is not even necessary to know the meaning of these words. Just look at:

Fully transparent panties

Seamless nylon panties are made in the form of shorts - certainly not a choice for every day. But on occasion will manage to raise the temperature in the bedroom. Fit height is medium, the size range is from L - XXXL, but keep in mind that these are Chinese sizes. In reality, it is possible to choose the right size for a woman with a hip circumference from 75 to 128 cm. Color scheme - as pictured.

see-through panties from aliexpress

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $1.

Lace panties with high waist and lacing

The highlight of the model - of course, lacing, which should drive a man crazy. Available in black or white, and you decide who you want - Odilia or Odette. Sizes - from S to XXXL.

Lace lingerie from aliexpress

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $2.5.

Thong with pompom

Not necessarily a thong (there are also closed models), but definitely with a pompom! Hugh Hefner's bunny has lived, is alive, and will live! Made of cotton, white, black or pink, sizes M, L.

G-string panties for women from aliexpress

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $2.

But for the query "edible panties" on Aliexpress found nothing - they probably appear there under another heading - see for yourself.

Erotic Women's Body

Erotic lingerie from aliexpress


To finish the theme of underwear - body, revealing the male gaze all that usually hides a classic body. Made of very large lace knit, available in red and black. Size range from S to XXL.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com.

Price: $2.5.

Vibrating Egg

Plaything for women

Quite a small toy, which, however, holds a lot of pleasure.

The product is quite strong, high quality, material - medical silicone. Operated by a separate remote control, has several speed modes. The remote control has a plug and, importantly, can be used with other adult toys that are compatible with Jackpin connector.

Powered by three AAA batteries. Manufacturers recommend using in conjunction with a moisturizing lubricant. After use, should be treated with a special product.

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $5.

Intimate Antiseptic Gel

And this is the very product that you can and should treat inim toys with after use. It can also be used on the skin - for intimate hygiene in hiking conditions (or when you do not have the strength to run to the bathroom). But please note that it is for healthy skin only, without its integrity being violated, and it is not suitable for mucous membranes, irritations or inflammations, scratches or other kinds of skin injuries.

If you are unlucky, the product may cause allergies. Also, the gel will not provide protection against STD germs - just hygiene for you and your toys. Keep it in the fridge but out of reach of children.

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $9.



Undeniably, this is the flagship among adult toys. In this abundant age, the range of vibrators is simply astounding. There are devices designed to stimulate specific areas of the body, and are simultaneously acting on all known sensitive points, they are still called Hi-Tech. Here is an example we found. You can find even more variants in this article:  Best vibrators.

Where to Buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $5.

Erotic Cosmetics


The selection of products in this niche is huge today. Massage oil with exciting smells of musk, rose, strawberry, jasmine and God knows what else, all kinds of gels and creams, including edible (carefully read the composition, maybe there is a GMO!), shampoos, mousses and foams, allowing take a bath together - all this abundance is useful and just in the ordinary care of a man, and purchased as a gift to your favorite can serve as an interesting hint. As an example, we found an inexpensive strawberry-flavored gel lube.

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $5.

Scented Candles

Romantic candles

Candles can help create an unparalleled atmosphere, and if they're also in a spicy shape, the theme of the evening will be foregone. There are scents of orange, lavender, cinnamon, rose, peach and more.

These candles are perfect for the bathroom and bedroom, they can also be used to decorate the table for a romantic dinner - in general, will be useful.

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: $7.

Erotic board games

adult dice

Such a game is a creative way to spend time together without the banality of dinner, movies and looking through old photo albums. There are many such games: there are romantic funnies, hot "Erodite" and "Kamasutra", etc.

Themed board games are not necessarily designed for only two people, there are also those that can be played by a small company. Thanks to the unusual entertainment you can get to know your significant other or friends better.

For example, here are dice "for adults".

Where to buy: aliexpress.com.

Price: $ 3.

Set of BDSM devices (introductory)

If your relationship has already passed all the "vanilla" stages, and want something hotter, it is time to pay attention to the toys for hard fondling. BDSM subculture involves deep theoretical and moral-ethical training (seriously!). So, if you just want to play for a change, do not get anything strictly special, and do not try to repeat some scenes from adult videos on the subject at home. If you care about your partner, of course. But a simple "for dummies" kit is just the thing. With these trinkets you can not hurt each other's health, but you can play slaves and masters. And if you get stuck, it's not our site that will help.

Where to buy:  aliexpress.com.

Price: from $10 to $30.

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