Mastercard Ukraine - General Sponsor of Ukrainian version of gagadget

For a long time gagadget was published only in Russian, but we always dreamed of a Ukrainian version of the site. At the end of 2021, the stars aligned - the editorial team received support from a large international company, which is not just involved in the latest technology - it is creating our future day by day and month by month. This is Mastercard Ukraine which not by words but by deeds opens up the newest technologies making our life more comfortable, comfortable and safe for Ukrainians.

"With Mastercard support": what does it mean?

Mastercard Ukraine provides financial support for editorial office, which enables us to publish our articles in Ukrainian and Russian simultaneously and communicate with our readers in their native language. Together we strive to develop Ukrainian technological media, which will be able to provide Ukrainian readers with large amount of modern technologies and gadgets that appear every day. And we encourage you to become one of the first regular readers of gagadget in Ukrainian. No Ukrainian language media can exist without you, our readers.

What you should know about Mastercard and its activities

Mastercard's mission is safe, simple and convenient payments in any place. For this purpose the company uses all its experience and modern technologies. And all this for the sake of a great and ambitious goal - to create a world without cash. Every time you pay for your coffee or subway fare with the touch of your smartphone or smart watch or bracelet, Mastercard technology is behind it. You probably already have experience with contactless payments (if you don't - definitely try it) and appreciate the convenience of modern lifestyle. You'll be probably interested to know that due to Mastercard secure technologies Ukraine is third in the world by the number of contactless transactions. We are indeed among the first in the world with access to the most advanced technologies and we should be proud of this state of affairs.