Best Wireless Presentation Systems Reviewed {{current_year}}

By: Bohdan Chub | 13.12.2021, 12:46
Best Wireless Presentation Systems Reviewed {{current_year}}

Why Wireless Presentation Systems?

The best wireless presentation systems don't just save you cables. Modern solutions transform a conference room or classroom into a highly efficient collaboration space. They allow you to share content from virtually any device and are designed with the BYOD environment in mind. But the more products appear on the market, the more difficult it is to make the right choice. In this overview, we'll focus on popular systems for a variety of applications, from small conference rooms to large corporate venues.

We tested 5 wireless presentation systems and paid special attention to ease of use, image quality, number of users, etc. After you've tried a wireless presentation system, you will never want to go back as it allows you to interactively design your presentation and display. her to a qualitatively new, highly professional level.

Best Wireless Presentation Systems - Review and Rankings

Author's choice BenQ InstaShow S WDC20 review BenQ InstaShow S WDC20
  • Concurrent users (up to): 4
  • Maximum. Number of speakers (up to): 32
  • Maximum. Resolution: 4K @ 30 Hz; Maximum. Range: 45 feet
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People's choice Barco ClickShare CSE-200 Review Barco ClickShare CSE-200
  • Concurrent users (up to): 2
  • Maximum. Number of speakers (up to): 16
  • Maximum. Resolution: 1080p @ 60Hz; Maximum. Range: 100 feet
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Premium choice Barco ClickShare CSE-800 Review Barco ClickShare CSE-800
  • Concurrent users (up to): 8
  • Maximum. Number of speakers (up to): 64
  • Maximum. Resolution: 4K @ 60 Hz; Maximum. Range: 100 feet
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Best budget OREI WHD-VCP2T-K HDMI Wireless Extender Review OREI WHD-VCP2T-K HDMI Wireless Extender Kit
  • Concurrent users (up to): 1
  • Maximum. Number of speakers (up to): 2
  • Maximum. Resolution: 1080p; Maximum. Range: 50 feet
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Free key selection Kramer VIA GO2 review Kramer VIA GO2
  • Concurrent users (up to): 2
  • Maximum. Number of speakers (up to): 254
  • Maximum. Resolution: 4K @ 30 Hz; Maximum. Range: N / A
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A Closer Look at the Best Wireless Presentation Systems

Author's choice

This is the next generation of already popular InstaShow WDC10 wireless presentation system. The S model has received several important updates, including support for 4K resolution and 4-person split screen. The main advantage of Benq's solution is that the presenter does not need to install the application on the laptop. InstaShow S is extremely easy to set up and will work with any operating system. All you need to do is plug the transmitter into the HDMI and USB ports and press a button to start your presentation. Another new feature of the WDC20 is screen casting from mobile devices using Miracast, AirPlay or InstaShare applications.

Application-free architecture and 128-bit AES encryption ensure your company's sensitive data is protected from intruders. High speed Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) support ensures smooth video playback in presentations. On a touchscreen, you can switch slides and control your laptop's apps using the touchscreen, but Touch Back is only available for Windows. The BenQ InstaShow S WDC20 is equipped with two HDMI buttons and a storage compartment.


  • Easy to use. No drivers or other software required
  • Up to 4 users can use the screen at the same time
  • Secure data transfer without connecting to a corporate network (but you also have this option)
  • You can share your smartphone screen


  • If your laptop doesn't have an HDMI or USB-A port, you'll need an adapter.
  • No content source moderator function

People's choice

The Barco ClickShare CSE-200 consists of two parts: a base unit and ClickShare buttons. The device is the heart of the system and connects to a display or projector, while the ClickShare buttons connect to a PC or Mac. Both Linux laptops and Chromebooks can mirror the screen using the Chrome browser, and wireless streaming from Android and iOS is also supported. This model is designed for small to medium sized meeting rooms. Two people can share presentations on the same screen at the same time, and the moderation function allows you to manually choose whose content to broadcast (broadcast). Equipped with dual band Wi-Fi, CSE-200 displays HD video easily. There is also a Touch Back function for working with touchpads.

Two ClickShare buttons with USB-A port are included as standard. They are also available as transmitters for modern laptops with USB-C ports. The support is also excellent - Barco releases regular updates and security fixes. You can connect the CSE-200 directly to the projector and the motorized projector screen will help you get the best picture possible without cluttering your space.


  • Easy to set up, no training required
  • Moderator mode to avoid accidental screen switching during a presentation
  • Wide range of connectivity options


  • Hardware buttons only support Windows and Mac

Premium choice

The company's flagship wireless presentation system can be connected to not only one but two 4K displays simultaneously, with up to 4 different screens each. This allows teams to collaborate more effectively and increase productivity during meetings. If necessary, you can assign a moderator to switch between speakers without unnecessary difficulty. ClickShare CSE-800 also supports additional security features. Depending on the needs of the company, the moderator can choose one of three security levels, for example, enable password requests in the mobile application. 

When connected to a CSE-800 touch screen, it allows you to make chalkboard and annotation. The flagged images can be saved in PDF format and all connected users will receive a copy. The rest of the device works similarly to other models of the manufacturer. It comes with four buttons and a ClickShare app is also available.


  • Compatible with desktops and mobile devices
  • Up to 8 concurrent users on two screens
  • Moderation and security features - especially valuable for large companies
  • Provides interactivity through the touch screen


  • Buttons only work with PC and Mac

Best budget

HDMI Wireless Extenders are a low-cost alternative to professional presentation systems. They can't handle multiple signal sources at the same time, but are good enough for mirroring your laptop screen to a 1080p TV. The OREI kit consists of two transmitter keys and a box-shaped receiver with detachable antenna. Each dongle can be plugged into the HDMI port and uses USB for power. No need to install drivers or software applications. Despite its stated range of 50 feet, the manufacturer states that it will not transmit through walls.

The OREI HDMI Wireless Extender doesn't seem to have the overheating problem that some competitors do. It supports multiple transmitters but is not a collaboration tool. You can switch between different signal sources just by pressing a button on the adapter.


  • Plug and play: no drivers, no software
  • Transferring videos without noticeable delays


  • Only one presenter at a time
  • The dongle requires an external power supply, the cable may block other ports

Free key selection

By default, Kramer VIA GO2 uses the corporate network. The presenter only needs to connect to the office Wi-Fi, open a web page and enter a passcode. The device supports Miracast and AirPlay, Kramer also offers desktop and mobile apps with additional features. The device is very compact and does not require external adapters. However, if your employees are used to hardware buttons, additional USB dongles VIA Pad available to order.

Two users can present their content at the same time, and the Do Not Disturb feature prevents accidental screen switching. The client application offers strong 1024-bit encryption. The network administrator can configure the built-in Wi-Fi module as an additional access point for guests for security reasons.


  • Fully wireless screen sharing platform
  • Supports all major OS: Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS and Android.
  • Remote users can also participate in the presentation.


  • The IT administrator must ensure that network segmentation is configured correctly.
  • The more users at the same time, the more bandwidth will be required

Buyer's Guide

What are the benefits of wireless presentation systems?

It is not always possible to start a meeting on time because at least one or maybe two people are trying to cope with the chaos in the cables or join the presentation. Other people are trying to find someone from the IT department to stay on schedule and still make sure the meeting can start. Then you find that one of the presenters cannot join you and some important information may be missing. If you want to avoid these situations, the best solution is to install a wireless multi-user presentation system. Let's take a closer look at its pros.

  • The presentation is available in every conference room as soon as possible.
  • The presentation can start immediately
  • Information can be transferred between users without any delay
  • All meeting participants participate in the presentation or are informed of all important issues discussed, even if they participate at a distance. 
  • It has a positive effect on overall productivity and workflow efficiency.
  • Image and sound are transmitted wirelessly to audio and video equipment in your room. 
  • It doesn't matter if your team uses a laptop, iPad, Mac, iPhone, or Android devices. You don't need to tweak anything or set up any permissions. And all this wirelessly, without the cable chaos. Thus, there is no need to learn another unknown device before each presentation, which saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Makes your meetings more active. If you want to submit, simply release the contents of the transfer screen by pressing the button. And other participants can easily and intuitively display content such as Excel spreadsheets, documents, pictures, movies, etc. at the same time on the display.

What are the benefits of ClickShare?

  1. Super easy to use: Plug - Click - Share
  2. BYOD: everyone can use their device
  3. IT-Friendly: Seamless Integration into Existing Network and IT Infrastructure
  4. Easy to integrate: no installation, no cables, no software

Which Rooms Are Suitable for Wireless Presentation Systems?

Typically, they can be used anywhere with a wireless connection. In particular: conference rooms, classrooms, meeting or lecture areas, where you can benefit from working with a cross-platform system. Thus, each user has presentations or training materials available on their own PC or laptop. The interaction of real and remote users makes this really convenient. As long as you are in range of a signal, you can access all available information.

Wireless presentation systems send slides from multiple sources to a projector or interactive display in a conference room. Check out our list of our best mini projectors for business presentations.


Now it’s quite obvious, there are many reasons to choose a wireless multi-user presentation system: workflows in your company will quickly become more efficient, interactions between employees will improve, and your team will be able to optimize all workflows within the company. and with partners or clients.

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