Cruise co-founder resigned following the CEO's resignation

By: Bohdan Kaminskyi | 21.11.2023, 15:21
Cruise co-founder resigned following the CEO's resignation
Jason Bax/Cruise

Cruise has confirmed that its co-founder and chief product officer Daniel Kan has stepped down.

Here's What We Know

Kan's departure comes a day after Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt resigned after 10 years in the position. Kahn reportedly announced his departure via Slack, but the reasons were not disclosed.

The executive reshuffle follows a series of scandals involving Cruise drones. The most high-profile one is a crash in San Francisco when a human-operated car hit a pedestrian under the wheels of a robot taxi.

An investigation into the incident is still underway. Both autonomous and conventional Cruise vehicles are still suspended.

Since the incident, the company's image has taken a turn for the worse. The company had to recall about 950 robotic cars, and California authorities cancelled its licence to operate unmanned taxis.

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Source: Reuters