Kids smartwatches: 6 best models for parental peace of mind

By: Expert | 14.12.2021, 16:39
Kids smartwatches: 6 best models for parental peace of mind

The process of separation of the child from the parents has not been given to anyone easily (some people do not complete it even after marriage, but now it's not about them). In the initial stages of socialization of the child (kindergarten, school), modern parents are very helpful for children's smartwatches. In addition to phone and GPS-tracker functions (for which they were actually invented), games and camera, modern children's smart watches are also equipped with functions of exchanging short messages with parents (through the application installed on the parent's smartphone), fitness tracker, alarm clock and other useful things. And, we almost forgot, a watch!

Top baby smartwatches:

These gadgets have become so popular for a reason - they combine a number of parental dreams:

  • Peace of mind (through constantly available communication). A parent to a child, as well as a child to a parent, can call at any time. A certain number of phone numbers can be stored in the child's phone book (depending on the model) which can be called by the child - and it is very easy to do so. So much so, that even a 3 year old can do it, although such gadgets are still recommended for children over 4 years old.
  • Peace (through safety). In addition to the fact that the child can call someone from his parents and the rest of the family, his gadget is equipped with an SOS button. Emergency numbers are prescribed in advance, which receive a signal when the child presses the alarm button. Moreover, there are a few of these numbers - in case of a missed call on the first one, the second one will be dialed automatically, etc. That is, if a child is in trouble, he can inform about it immediately. This very possibility should warm a nervous mother's heart.
    True, this feature will not lead to peace (and vice versa) if a mischievous toddler starts abusing it to prank his parents, which happens more often than you might imagine.
  • Rest (through monitoring). A built-in GPS tracker allows you to track where your child is in real time. If desired, a parent can designate in their app the boundaries, when the child goes beyond which the parent's smartphone is notified (but this is a last resort or for very young children). In addition to geolocation tracking, the parent can control the communication of the child on the phone. The easiest way is simply to block the possibility of incoming calls to the watch from numbers that are not in the phone book of the child. But here again, think about how much you can fence off the child from the outside world, and whether it is advisable...
  • Rest (through the employment of a keen child). Of course, all adults are firmly against when children abuse gadgets (look at themselves!), but sometimes you want to snatch a quarter of an hour of peace - and then built into a child's watch game or a camera is useful.
  • Rest (by quenching children's persistent requests). It is enough for a boy or a girl to see such a watch on the hand of a classmate to lose sleep and appetite, as well as to deprive his parents, who do not understand the needs of the modern child, and therefore they need to explain it - by nagging and begging, sometimes by letting a tear flow, etc.
  • Rest (by shielding the child from the Internet for the time being). Many modern idealistic parents postpone buying their own smartphone and tablet for their children whenever possible, being afraid to cause gadget addiction. In this regard, a children's watch with GPS is a softer solution ("No, I'm not a kick-ass mother who handed her first-grade kid a smartphone, dooming him to Internet addiction and falling behind in school!") Still, the watch has far fewer functions and features than a regular smartphone, and thus there is less temptation for the child. This thing was invented, first and foremost, for safety. And for peace of mind.

So, if you have decided to close all the above questions, here are the models we advise you to pay attention to.

Smart Baby Watch DF33 (Q500)

smart watches for kids

Today, this is the most functional smart watch for children that we have seen and available for sale in Ukraine. They are supported by a list of features:

  • 4G support, hence their main feature - the ability to make video calls
  • Wi-Fi module, which allows you to track the location of the child even within the premises!
  • Front-facing camera (in addition to the regular camera). That is, the child can shoot not only views, but also selfies. The camera resolution is 2 megapixels - not bad for a kid's watch.
  • Flashlight.
  • Water and dust protection class IP67 - that is, you can wash your hands in this watch and do not be afraid to get into the rain. But at the beach before you swim you'll still need to take them off.
  • And, of course, the standard functionality present in all modern smart children's watches: GPS, synchronization with a free parental application Setracker or Setracker2, SOS button, audio monitoring function and geo-fence limit (parent receives a notification), remote camera (when shooting photos from the clock is uploaded to the parental application), the history of child movements and pedometer, arithmetic game, alarm clock, parents alert when the battery is critically low.
  • Up to 15 numbers can be stored in the phonebook.
  • Android 6.0 OS.
  • Reinforced battery and quite loud speaker and sensitive microphone. 

In light of all of the above, Smart Baby Watch Q500 can be considered the best choice for the low price.

Smart Watch DF25

smart watch for kids

More modest model of the same manufacturer - respectively, for half the price. These watches have all the necessary minimum functionality, for which a smartwatch is purchased for a child, without any frills (and without unnecessary temptations for a schoolboy, for example). But they have a bugging function, so they are remarkable.

Advantages of the model:

  • 3 ways of geolocation: GPS/Wi-Fi/LBS.
  • A callback function - at the corresponding item in the app, a parent simply enters his number - and instantly receives an incoming call on his smartphone - as if the watch itself called him (the child does not know this). This way mom or dad can listen to what's going on around the child right now, how the teacher, babysitter or friend is communicating with them, etc.
  • The water and dust protection class is the same as the previous model - IP67.
  • Also 15 numbers in directory and 3 SOS numbers.
  • Managed via Setracker app, Wi-Fi compatible with Android 3.0 and above, IOS 6.0 and above.
  • An abundance of colors - the kid himself can choose the design of his gadget.
  • Otherwise - everything as in the previous model, only without the front camera and video calls. Are they worth the double overpayment?

Elari KidPhone 3G

gps watches for kids

More democratic model in terms of price compared to the first in our rating (Smart Baby Watch DF33), but also with video calls support. But here in the chat with parents and friends emoticons are available!


  • Forwarding videos to parents.
  • Accurate location of the child thanks to 3G.
  • Pedometer supplemented gaming component - the baby will need to achieve certain goals for the day, for which he will receive rewards.
  • Managed by the application Elari SafeFamily.
  • Compatible with all versions of Android and iOS.
  • 2-megapixel camera.
  • 4 GB of memory each - built-in and RAM.

And, of course, all the standard smartwatch functions.

Baby Watch Q50

phone watch for kids

Of all the children's watches with GPS tracker, here listed, this is the most budget-friendly model, but with functionality that includes everything you need. The only and main disadvantage is their short charge time. The battery without recharging lasts for just 6 hours in active mode. But if a child needs them only for half a day at school this may be enough, the main thing is not to forget, coming home, immediately put them on a charge. Everything else is present:

  • Locating.
  • Geo-fencing: if the child goes outside the delineated boundaries, the parent is notified.
  • Notification to parent when watch is removed from hand.
  • Phone, autodialing (tapping).
  • Phonebook contains 10 numbers, 3 SOS numbers.
  • Messaging via Setracker application.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Pedometer, alarm clock, energy-saving OLED screen.

As you understand, there is no camera here, the communication format is 2G. But in order to ensure the child's safety, and mother - peace of mind, it is enough.

Garmin Vivofit JR

smart watches for kids

This is the most pedagogical children's watch, or rather, first of all, fitness bracelet. In addition to the fact that they impute their young master 60 minutes of physical activity a day (and control it!), as a reward, the child opens a mobile game. All of this (and control and reward) is, of course, managed by the parent.

But the coolest thing, in our opinion, is that it doesn't need to be charged! One removable battery will last a whole year - without recharging. Now there is no need to track the charge and no need to worry when the child's smart watch "runs out" at the most inopportune moment, because mom forgot to put it on charge in the evening

. Also in the app a parent not only tracks the child's physical activity and sleep, but can also give him errands - and track their implementation. That's why we called them the most pedagogical.

When the baby grows up and wants to change their watch to something more "adult" in design, they can easily transfer the Vivofit JR sensor to a new bracelet of the same brand - they are all compatible.

But the main advantage of this model for kids is the friendship of Garmin brand with Disney, Marvel and LucasFilms. This allows you to put a theme on the screen with your favorite character, from Mickey Mouse to Captain America.

And for adults, the following features are valuable:

  • Controls household chores.
  • Timer.
  • Pedometer, sleep monitoring.
  • Controls from the Vivofit JR app, where, by the way, you can register multiple kids' gadgets and have competitions between them. 
  • Compatible with all versions of Android and iOS.
  • And, of course, a year without recharging.

The only thing to realize is that this is exactly a fitness bracelet, not a phone watch for a child. With his help, a parent will not be able to call or find out where the child is - just what he did.

VTech Kidizoom

smart watches for kids

Another watch model that does not provide parents with a telephone connection with their children, but it has much more extensive entertainment options than all of the above. Basically, it's just a very cool gizmo for the kid - purely for their enjoyment and development. It will please you with this:

  • 2 cameras - side and front, the ability to shoot video of quite decent quality, including the use of special effects.
  • clock can be connected to a computer via a micro-USB connector.
  • Numerous applications for moving games, there is even - for dancing.
  • 5 voice changing effects - for funny pranks.
  • Pedometer, alarm clock, splash protection.
  • Built-in game with augmented reality - for catching monsters.
  • Memory 256 MB (built-in).


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FAQ before buying a smart watch for a child

At what age can a child manage a smart watch?

The description of each model usually indicates the starting age at which it is appropriate to give such a thing to a child. For most models, it starts with 4 years, because the interface is very clear. Of course, the kid should be able to read at least a little - to select from the notebook whom he calls. Otherwise, he will only be able to use the SOS button, and for mom, the key functions will be the GPS tracker and auto-dial. Watches equipped with a variety of games and camera, such as VTech Kidizoomwill be useful from 7 - not only because the development of your baby to get the most out of the gadget, but also because its level of consciousness will protect him from the unnecessary and inappropriate use of watches - for example, during a lesson or crossing the road.

Is it compulsory to insert a SIM card into a child's watch?

Yes, and by the way, it is obligatory to monitor the timely recharge of the child's account. Today all the major mobile operators offer convenient and inexpensive packages specifically for fitness bracelets and children's watches. Without a SIM card it will be impossible not only to call your child, but also to track his location, because this requires Internet access, provided, in most cases, by the mobile operator's network. So, just like your smartphone, your child's watch will have to be recharged every month and every other day (unless, of course, you buy Garmin Vivofit JR, which runs on a single battery for a year without recharging.

Does the child's number have to belong to the same mobile operator as the parent's number?

No, but it's more advantageous this way - most operators within their network either do not limit calls at all or give some free minutes - depending on the package. But even if the child's number belongs to a different network - it won't affect the quality of the GPS tracker.

Is your child's smartwatch susceptible to hacking?

No more than your smartphone or computer. But not less, since all of your child's data is stored in an application, i.e., the Internet. We all walk under the same God. On the other hand, the less frills in the gadget, the less "legacy" your child will have online - maybe you should opt for the most modest model without a camera, like Baby Watch Q50.

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