Google trolls Apple by comparing the iPhone to a pager (video)

By: Elena Shcherban | 21.09.2023, 23:00
Google trolls Apple by comparing the iPhone to a pager (video)

Google is continuing its #GetTheMessage marketing campaign, which aims to shame Apple into adopting the RCS messaging protocol. As part of this campaign, Google has released a new video that once again trolls Apple.

Here's What We've Seen

The new video compares the iPhone to a pager. And the iPager is presented in the spirit of Apple's presentations: it even has Hello written on its screen as a reference to the original Macintosh introduction in 1984 and the 2007 iPhone adverts about calling.

RCS or Rich Communication Services is a communication protocol developed and adopted by Google. Apple in no way wants to switch to RCS and continues to support the old SMS protocol. Google says this causes problems for Android and iPhone users when texting each other: no encryption, group chats that don't work, pixelated images and videos, and green bubbles.

That's why Google launched a massive #GetTheMessage marketing campaign about a year ago.

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that RCS was not a priority for Apple. At the time, a reporter said he had trouble sending text messages to his mother on an Android device. And Tim Cook simply advised him to buy his mum an iPhone.

Source: YouTube