GOG starts winter sale with game giveaway

By: Dmitro Koval | 13.12.2022, 09:59
GOG starts winter sale with game giveaway

Digital game store GOG has started a winter sale with the distribution of the RPG Ghost of Tale.

Here's What We Know

Ghost of Tale is an indie RPG developed by DreamWorks and Universal Pictures veteran Lionel Gallat. The story tells us about Tilo, a medieval mouse who explores the secrets and dangers of the Dwindling Heights Keep. Tilo is not a warrior at all - she rather relies on stealth and fast movement.

The game received very positive reviews - 75 points from critics and 8.3 points from ordinary players on Metacritic. Players note great graphics, interesting stories and a great research component.

To get the game in your library, you just need to go to the game's page on GOG and click the "Add to Library" button.

Source: PC Gamer