Microsoft starts testing tabs in Windows Notepad

By: Dmitro Koval | 20.01.2023, 12:42
Microsoft starts testing tabs in Windows Notepad

Microsoft has officially started testing the tabbing feature in the standard Notepad program in Windows 11. Earlier, an employee of the company accidentally reported this on Twitter, but the post was quickly deleted. Now, tabs are displayed in the latest build of the system for members of the Windows Insider program.

The feature works as you would expect: it allows you to use multiple text files in one window, similar to how it is implemented with folders in Explorer.

“There are also new keyboard shortcut keys to support managing tabs as well as some improvements to managing unsaved files, like automatically generating the file name/tab title based on content and a refreshed unsaved changes indicator.”

Notepad will be the second program to receive tabs, after the feature appeared in Explorer last year. Microsoft had already planned to integrate the feature 5 years ago in the Sets program, but it was never released.

Source: The Verge