YouTube started marking commercials sponsored by the state

Now, under video news media, the corresponding inscription appears: "It has been fully or partially funded by the government "

YouTube started marking commercials sponsored by the state

YouTube video hosting began to be marked with special notations of a video of the media, thus informing   sources of financing.

How to distinguish

Rollers financed by the state will now be labeled " Entirely or partially government-funded " . They are located above the title of the video.

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What is it for?

In this way, YouTube wants to ensure greater transparency of content for the authors of videos, advertisers and   viewers. " Our goal   - provide users with additional information so that they can better understand the sources of news content that they prefer to watch in   YouTube » ,   - it says in   company statement.

However, while the new function appeared only in   The USA, but   at   Soon, YouTube plans to tag videos and   at   other countries.

Source: YouTube

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