Serhiy Makarenko
Serhiy Makarenko 2016-12-12 10:32

All listed in this review for the first look can be seems like something weird because before on gg was not published any reviews of security systems. I'm sure that during reading your imagination will show you pictures with big boxes among plenty of wires and other similar staff that probably associates in your mind with the security system. But all this not about a new generation of the security systems from Ajax. I'm sure you will be surprised like I was when faced with this great product. So let's getting started.

Borys Sydiuk
Borys Sydiuk 2016-05-07 14:00

Meizu M3 Note is a 5.5” display smartphone with brand new 64-bit 8 core processor, metal body, trendy fingerprint scanner (now available everywhere not only for flagships) and quite reasonable price level.

Gagadget 2016-04-04 22:35

Samsung flagship smartphones used to be key releases in the whole industry, so we do even not need to introduce any of them specially. Samsung Galaxy S7 is the new king of the hill presented in February right before WMC 2016 in Barcelona. Samsung expressed it many times that their new flagship is much much better than the previous Samsung Galaxy S6 model. Looks the way Apple used to present their new models, doesn’t it? Well, anyway. we have to admit the last year flagship was as perfect as possible. Considering the real crisis of ideas in the industry it is not that easy to make something really top, useful and of great demand. Especially for the company that has followers and haters like Apple, those who expect true tech revolutions all the time. Let’s review are all those innovations of Samsung Galaxy S7 so useful and handy for techie fans.