OnePlus showed Xiaomi how to respond to polls correctly

Poll OnePlus: OxygenOS shell lost the "clean" Android

OnePlus showed Xiaomi how to respond to polls correctly

Last week, many wrote the news that the official Xiaomi account invited users to choose between Android One and MIUI 9. It's not surprising that the result was expected. Android One won. For him, 57% voted, and for MIUI 9 - 43%. Xiaomi, apparently, did not expect such a result and quickly deleted the survey .

After that, one of the chief product managers of OnePlus also decided to check what the users will choose: OxygenOS or Pure Android. Initially, the results were in favor of OxygenOS and the founder of OnePlus Carl Pei (Carl Pei) asked not to delete the final result. But then everything changed quickly and the poll changed in favor of "pure" Android (58%). The company did not hesitate and thanked the participants for the feedback, adding that it stimulates its work on the system even more.

Source: Twitter

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