ChainFaces Arena Hosts NFT Battle – Winner Gets $160,000

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 04.02.2022, 10:43
ChainFaces Arena Hosts NFT Battle – Winner Gets $160,000

The NFT battle has ended on the ChainFaces Arena platform. Its winner was an unknown user who ended up earning $160,000 in Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Approximately 18,000 non-fungible tokens took part in the battle. Each time after 15 minutes, some of the virtual works "died", and digital "scars" appeared on the rest, which made NFTs more unique and, accordingly, more expensive.

The user could refuse to participate in the battle at any time and keep his token, taking it from the battlefield along with the reward. The size of the bonus increased as the number of players decreased. Ultimately, three NFT holders remained on the site. One of them opted out and received a bonus of 30 EHT or $82,000.

The winner got 58 Ethereum coins worth $160,000. He used 56 NFTs during the battle. The cost of one token averaged $200-300, and in some cases reached $500, including all commissions. "The Last Hero" was put up for sale through an auction on the OpenSea site. The price immediately jumped to 6.9 ETH (nearly $20,000).