Best Rc Cars

Which RC Car to Choose?

Do you want to feel the power of radio control and experience the drive of thrilling rides outdoors or in your home? Choosing a gift, and would like it to bring the maximum thrill? We will explain to you all about the best RC cars to make your purchase a success. RC cars in a modern design are not only kids’ toys. Take the remote control in your hands and you will understand why hobby grade RC cars are referred to as a mixture of high technology and adrenaline. Each type has its own advantages and features. Choosing the one^ focus on the nature of the future driver and his preferences: an off-road truck to overcome obstacles or a fast racing car.

RC Cars Types: Features, Similarity and Differences

RC Monster Truck

Buggy (Truggy)

Short Course (Stadium Truck)

RC Rock Crawler

On-road RC Car (Drift or Racing)


Vintage RC Car (Collection Car)

No Time for a Time Consuming Choice? Simply Pick for your Budget:

  • Under $100: Gifts ideas for kids
  • Under $200: Middle class RC cars
  • $200 to $450: Top quality RC cars
  • $450+: Premium quality RC cars

For the beginning RC enthusiasts, all remote-controlled cars at first glance differ in design and a bit in function: one group is fast and maneuverably, and the second group is durable off-road trucks. In fact, the classification is correct, but professional drivers divide radio-controlled vehicles into: Monster Truck, RC Crawler Crawler, Buggy, Truggy, On-Road Drift/Racing, Short Course, Stadium Truck and Collection models.

Monster Truck

Monsters are the most popular radio-controlled cars among amateurs and beginners RC car fans. They have an impressive appearance and serious all-terrain performance. Large wheels with powerful treads add to their look. With such a truck you will feel confident on any road. Stunningly overcoming obstacles is an easy task for an RC monster truck, being the master of stunt driving and “show-off”! Would you like a lot of drive and encouragement? Monster is your RC truck. Some RC Monster Trucks are Bigfoot RC Trucks originating form full-size Monster Jam show bigfoot trucks. There is a lot of popular monsters, which are inexpensive rc cars, being a perfect present for a kid or beginner. Bezgar, Haiboxing, Deerc brands are among them.

Buggy (Truggie)

Off-road sports buggies: steady, fast, and maneuverable. Clearance (ground clearance) of buggies is low, so do not expect high cross-country ability from this type of radio-controlled vehicles. Traggies differ from buggies in having a wider wheelbase, larger wheel diameter and, accordingly, greater cross-country capability. Would you like to take a ride or participate in the race? Consider an RC buggy or an RC desert buggy.

Short Course (Stadium Truck)

The main difference from buggies and traggies is the replica of the body. They look like real racing trucks and are created as copies of famous champions. This is a smashing mix of monsters and buggies, but with specific differences – a short wheelbase, a replica body and typical wheels.

RC Rock Crawler

Awesome trucks, designed for climbing the rocks. Slow, but all-terrain, with high ground clearance and deep toothed tread on the wheels. Very attractive type of radio-controlled trucks. RC Rock Crawlers have maximum cross-country capability due to the large axle-adjustment angle. Read more.

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On-Road RC Car (Drift or Racing)

RC cars for vivid racing. Drifting RC cars have rigid and skid-proof tires to quickly go into a controlled skid, while Racing RC cars have slightly higher ground clearance and tread rubber for better traction. In most cases, these on-road RC cars have replicated bodies. Would you like to touch the history of winning on the track? Check out RC Drift or Racing open road vehicles.


These cars are on-road models, but their increased ground clearance allows them to easily overcome off-road terrain. Their element is cross-country adventure.

Vintage RC Car (Collection Car)

Large-scale replica models of cars with a high degree of external and internal detailing. In most cases, the model is not functional, but such a mini-copy will complement any collection.

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Assembly Kits – Car Components – Scale

There are several options for factory-assembled kits:


RTR (“Ready to Run”) is an ideal choice for a beginner or a professional who clearly understands what he needs. RTR RC Car is ready to run “right out of the box”. In some cases it is necessary to select a battery and charger – and go ahead, to adventure.

PNP (“Plug and Play”) or BND (“Bind and Drive”)

PNP (“Plug and Play”) or BND (“Bind and Drive”) are cars for car enthusiasts with experience in assembly and setting. They need to be retrofitted. In case of PNP kit it is necessary to install radio control (receiver and transmitter), and BND kit needs only a compatible transmitter.


KIT (“kit”) comes to you in completely unassembled condition. Only skilful hands of an RC hobbyist turn a set of parts into a supercar with champion’s features. The KIT is designed for professionals. Motor, radio control equipment, battery are selected individually. Stuffing and appearance may also be different:


For beginners we recommend an RC Car with an electric motor. But if the roar of the motor sounds like music to you – then why limit yourself? Please note that the electric motor is easy to maintain. But on the other hand, an RC car with a gasoline or nitro engine looks very cool on the track and inside it is similar to a real car. Do you like sound and smoke? So, cars with internal combustion engine are for you!


The scale of an RC Car is defined by how many times it is less than a real car. No matter it is a cheap or expensive car. Think why you need a car and where you are going to use it, then choose the right scale. Do you need to have rest without leaving your working desk? RC cars in 1:24 or 1:32 scale are best for this purpose. Large supercars (1:12, 1:10, 1:8 or 1:5) are more suitable for street or desert racing, or rock crawling. Here the scale is important.


Radio-controlled vehicles are one of the hobbies that can be a great way to go from a basic and enjoyable car all the way up to expensive solutions and competitive racing options. It’s fun for children as well as adults, and is an excellent way to teach youngsters the technical aspects involved in working on vehicles. In light of the hours we’ve been spending in our homes with our families and RC cars are the perfect alternative to binge watching additional British crime procedurals and police drama on Netflix.

If you’re thinking about becoming involved in RC cars one of the most effective ways to start is look for a nearby hobby store. They’re typically stuffed with individuals who have been in the business for a long time and will be happy to impart their knowledge to anyone who is just beginning to get interested in the hobby. From there, it’s just a issue of determining what part or part of RC hobby you enjoy the most and getting into. If you’re not keen to go that route it’s easy to go with one the RC car options above.