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gagadget.com ( gg for short) is a no-nonsense tech site. We first appeared on the web on January 26, 2008 and we've been working hard every day since then for your enjoyment. We practice a unique author's approach to the presentation of all materials. You won't find here any reviews of various boring shit or news copied directly from press-releases. We only write about what is interesting to us, and we do this in the most vivid and ironic way. Our vast experience in the market allows us to express our point of view on certain products, events or phenomena. Often this point of view is controversial or outright provocative, which leads to lively discussions - in the course of which, as you know, the truth is born. Our readers share our values (honesty and openness without regard to rank or advertising budgets), of which we are sincerely proud. We invite you to join our close-knit community as well!

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Attention! In addition to editorial content, visitor comments appear on gg. The site's editorial staff takes no responsibility for the content of these comments, although they do their best to remove the most egregious ones.

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Editorial awards

In general, the editorial staff of gg has seen a lot in its lifetime, so it is difficult to impress her. But some gadgets can still do it. We created two editorial awards for them. The first of them - "We Recommend" - is given only to devices of high quality in all respects, which we are not ashamed to recommend for purchase, and which will meet the expectations of the purchase.

The second, Editor's Choice, is our highest award. We give it only to those gadgets that we are ready to buy for personal use. As a rule, these are flagship advanced and high-tech devices. That's why it's found on our site several times less often than the first one.