Refunding Diablo Immortal cuts the game's functionality

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 19.06.2022, 23:29
Refunding Diablo Immortal cuts the game's functionality

To play Diablo Immortal no need to pay. But the top things need to be knocked out of the ancient portals, and here you can not avoid infusions of money. Blizzard can make a refund, but it's not so easy. 

According to stories, it is very difficult to achieve a referendum. Someone had to turn to the platform holder for help, and someone - to prove that the data about the in-game store on the site Immortal devil misleading. 

Gamers have started share that after the refund the functionality of the game is greatly reduced. The number of donat game currency (eternal spheres) decreases to negative values, so it is impossible to disassemble the blacksmith's equipment, change equipment, enter the ancient portal, join groups and, as a result, go through the dungeons at high levels of difficulty. 

As it turned out, Blizzard purposefully built the following system: 

"Before we start a refund, I need to tell you about the possible consequences. 

You have already used all the purchases made in one form or another. This means that when you refund, we will deduct from your balance all spent perpetual spheres, as a result of which it will be negative. 

This will not allow you to play in a group, put on equipment and disassemble items until you re-acquire enough spheres to get out of the balance. If you agree, please let us know and we will continue the refund process. " - Excerpt from the support message Blizzard

The developers may not be able to determine what exactly happened to the user in exchange for the donor currency. Therefore, a negative balance of spheres freezes everything that a player could theoretically get for these spheres. 

But gamers did not like this decision. Some note that after a successful return, their character almost became a ghost: "In essence, you become a ghost that just wanders and can't play. " 

Custom rating Diablo Immortal on Metacritic is still below one.