Samsung AV at CES 2024: betting on artificial intelligence for a new, better life

New NQ8 AI Gen3 processor with 8x more neural networks, OLED Glare Free technology to reduce screen glare, Music Frame interior soundbar and unique Premiere 8K projector.

By: Technoslav Bergamot | 08.01.2024, 21:44

The CES show traditionally opens the new year with a new generation of devices that will dominate the coming months (at least until autumn, when something else new will be shown at IFA). But a significant majority of the year's major devices are shown here. Samsung is banking on artificial intelligence in its strategy this year (we're expecting Galaxy AI in January), which is of course a general tech trend. But it's not just limited to AI technology. OLED TVs of 2024 will have new technology that will greatly reduce screen glare from the sun (or other light sources). All sound and image processing technologies in TVs will get another improvement thanks to a new AI processor. And the gg editorial team is also intrigued by the powerful new Premiere 8K projector and the interesting Music Frame interior soundbar that acts as a photo frame. Which continues Samsung's consistent strategy of bringing technology closer to lifestyle and creating new lifestyle products.

Samsung NQ8 AI Gen3 processor for TVs: 8 times more neural networks in NPU

Samsung Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs will offer enhanced picture quality and premium sound in 2024. With the latest NQ8 AI Gen3 neural co-processor (NPU) NQ8 AI processor, which is twice as fast as previous versions, users will get the most realistic on-screen experience possible. Samsung claims that even the smallest details will be displayed with incredible clarity and detail thanks to an eight-fold increase in the number of neural networks processing image and sound, from 64 to 512. This makes the 2024 range even more powerful, offering a new level of TV experience.

NQ8 AI Gen3 processor

The Neo QLED range offers a number of features to enhance picture and sound quality:

  • 8K AI Upscaling Pro: Featuring the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, this enhancement feature improves low-resolution images by upscaling them to 8K resolution. Only works with QN900D TVs. Other models use the normal 8K AI Upscaling algorithm.
  • AI Motion Enhancer Pro: Solves common problems with sports content, particularly ball distortion. It streams sports matches in high resolution and automatically detects the sport using deep learning to pinpoint the ball, for example. Unfortunately, Samsung points out that this feature may not apply when the TV is connected to a PC and in game mode
  • Real Depth Enhancer Pro: Using artificial intelligence, it adds detail to fast-moving scenes to control mini-LEDs. Images look more realistic and three-dimensional by emphasising the part of the scene that our eye would normally focus on.
  • 2024 Q-Symphony: Allows you to optionally connect your wireless speakers and sound bar to your TV or projector to precisely synchronise sound between shows, movies or music playlists. This technology provides co-operative TV or projector speaker sound with Q-Symphony-enabled soundbars.
  • Active Voice Amplifier Pro: A proprietary dialogue amplifier that is greatly enhanced by artificial intelligence and deep machine learning technologies. This feature separates voices from other sounds on the screen, affecting the clarity of dialogues. With it, you can perceive the conversation on the screen regardless of the volume of the sound in the room.
  • Infinity Air Design: The Neo QLED 8K TV design has a screen thickness of only 12.9mm (for the 65'' QN900D model), which adds to the immersive viewing experience. It also creates a mirror effect, which gives the impression that the TV is suspended in the air.
AI Motion Enhancer Pro
Illustration: how AI Motion Enhancer Pro works compared to a normal picture

OLED Glare Free: reducing glare in OLED TVs

For OLED screens in 2024, a new "OLED Glare Free" technology has been specially developed, which, as the manufacturer notes, reduces glare on the screen even in bright light. It will be available for all OLED TVs from 55 inches and up. The S95D offers an extra-large 77-inch picture with high detail, black depth and brightness that has increased by 20 per cent compared to 2023 models. It has the brightest screen of any Samsung OLED TV and has a high refresh rate of up to 144Hz, giving sports viewers and gamers a more enjoyable viewing experience. Colours and transitions between them are even more accurate thanks to improved artificial intelligence, as verified by Pantone Validated™ certification. In addition to the S95D, the S90D and S85D are also available in a variety of sizes from 42" to 83".

OLED Glare Free

MICRO LED transparent screen: another innovation

Samsung's new MICRO LED technology demonstrates a new level of capability and enables the creation of transparent screens. They are used in the B2B segment and, thanks to their modular design, have the ability to create panels of any size and screen aspect ratio. The new MICRO LED transparent screens embody all of Samsung's many years of semiconductor expertise, which has enabled the application of LED chips directly onto glass. These screens utilise extremely small MICRO LED chips and a manufacturing process that eliminates light refraction and reduces the visibility of seams between the panels from which the screen is assembled.

Tizen 2024 operating system: personalised content for every family member

Televisions today play a key role in the home. Thanks to modern technology, they enable uninterrupted communication between the various gadgets in the home. The Tizen 2024 operating system revolutionises Neo QLED 8K TVs. The main feature of this system is making content the centrepiece of the user experience. The Tizen 2024 operating system now allows each family member to create their own profile, enabling personalised recommendations and a more tailored approach to recommending content on Smart TVs.

Tizen 4

Of particular note is Samsung Daily+, which will work on TVs model DU7000 and above. It is a new hub for home activity that will greatly enhance the lives of users. It offers a range of services and features including personalised workouts, telemedicine, video calling and remote PC solutions:

  • Multi Control: this feature allows users to control all screens in the home, such as TVs, smartphones and monitors, with a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse. Users can now work on documents and use different devices conveniently and efficiently.
  • Mobile Smart Connect: all new applications and services can be easily controlled via the SmartThings app, which turns the smartphone into a multi-functional remote control. This remote allows users to gain more control over their screens.
  • 360 Audio: the audio feature that was previously available on Galaxy devices is now available for Samsung TVs and screens. With Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones, you can get spatial sound for films, shows and even games.
  • Vibrary: Ambient Mode now allows you to stream photos and music from your mobile devices to your TVs.
  • Voice Captioning: the world's first TV feature that uses artificial intelligence and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to read out subtitles embedded in video with your voice.
  • Barrier-Free Remote Control: An app for users with disabilities that enables easier control of the TV using smartphones.
  • Relumino Together Mode: Using artificial intelligence to dynamically outline elements on the screen and adjust the colour balance, this feature allows visually impaired users to see objects more clearly. Relumino Together mode is characterised by the ability to split the screen in half (one half broadcasting a normal picture, the other half in Relumino mode) and allow the whole family to watch TV at the same time.

New lifestyle products to be admired

The "Screens everywhere, screens for everyone" concept that Samsung announced a few years ago is embodied in two new products for 2024. They are the Music Frame soundbar and The Premiere 8K projector. Samsung calls The Premiere 8K "the world's first wireless 8K projector." It uses the new Wireless One Connect Box, which allows you to connect peripherals (game consoles or disc players) and stream the image to the projector up to 10 metres away without cables! This ultra-short throw projector is equipped with the Smart TV package and utilises Samsung's patented "Sound-on-Screen" technology, which combines a top speaker and software algorithms for impressive sound. It also supports cloud gaming and MultiView screen, which allows you to split the screen into 4 independent parts with your own video sources. And can be used to listen to music with the screen off.

The new Music Frame soundbar with SmartThings support can work as a standalone wireless speaker or combine with a Samsung TV and soundbar using Q-Symphony technology for improved bass and spatial sound. Like the rest of Samsung's interior products it is meant to be part of the interior of a room and allows you to display a print and additionally work as a photo frame.

Samsung Music Frame
Music Frame soundbar with a print or a family photo will decorate any interior with itself

HW-S800D Soundbar: This ultra-thin soundbar, only 4 centimetres thick, fits into any space and should provide rich sound thanks to its 10 speakers, including dedicated top speakers and a centre channel for vocals. The combination of an inbuilt subwoofer and passive radiator adds deep bass.

Samsung HW-S800D
Samsung HW-S800D Soundbar

HW-Q990D Soundbar has an 11.1.4 channel configuration, supports Dolby Atmos and 4K content streaming at up to 120Hz. The device analyses audio in real-time and applies artificial intelligence to optimise sound.

Samsung HW-Q990D
Samsung HW-Q990D Soundbar

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