Traxxas VS Losi

By: Anry Sergeev | 11.05.2023, 18:14
Traxxas VS Losi

When comparing Traxxas vs Losi, it makes sense to begin with Losi, as their racing story started earlier.

Historical Reference - LOSI

Losi. The Beginning

The RC car sport all started in the United States, where in the mid-80s of the last century the most famous manufacturer of RC cars, Team Losi, came into the world. The founder of the company, a man named Gil Losi, Jr. made a huge contribution to the development of the RC industry. Gil's family owned and operated the "Ranch Pit Shop R/C" track located in Pomona, California.

Already in college, the boy developed an interest in learning engineering, as well as plastic injection molding technology. Eventually this innocent interest develops into a fascinating hobby and then into a professional activity. Jill Losi creates a company of the same name.


  • The first sensational model from Team Losi was the rear-wheel-drive buggy JRX2, produced in 1988. Team Losi has received countless awards for achievements and innovations in the RC industry.
  • One important achievement is launching the production of natural rubber tires.
  • The company's other major accomplishments include the production of the first all-wheel-drive buggy, which was assembled in the USA, and the beginning of production of the 1:18 scale electric off-road model Mini-T, which became the founder of a new class of car models.
  • As early as 1990, Team Losi had control over a major part of the U.S. market of radio-controlled cars. At that time, Traxxas appeared on the market, ready to compete.
  • In 2000, Gil Losi's team became part of the Horizon Hobby family. Horizon Hobby, Incorporated is an international organization that manufactures and sells RC models.
  • In 2006, Team Losi Racing released another champion - a 1:8 buggy, which began to conquer the podiums of world racing competitions.
  • In 2009, the manufacturer introduced another category of competitive products: the Rock Crawler series in 1:10 scale and then, in 2010, the Mini Rock Crawler Pro.

Losi Progress

Team Losi Racing has a range of radio-controlled vehicles to suit all tastes. The manufacturer offers models in different scales with internal combustion engines or with electric engines, ready-made RTR kits or under the brand name TLR - assembly kits that are real sports cars, not hobby cars.

Team Losi Racing also offers a full range of high-quality parts and components for maintenance, tuning and upgrading of RC cars, so you can feel the pleasure of communicating with cool vehicles.

Historical Reference - TRAXXAS

TRAXXAS - The Beginning

Traxxas began its history in 1986 with the idea that the time had come for a completely new concept of a fully assembled hobby-class radio-controlled car.  This vehicle will have all the same advantages of the KIT class, like interchangeable parts, upgrade options, and high-quality radio control system components, but it will be fully assembled in a colorful package, ready to use right out of the box. To describe this new class, Traxxas has coined the term "Ready-To-Run" (RTR).

Being fully assembled, ready-to-run vehicle is originally intended for entry-level beginners, thus Traxxas created a free support line specifically for this type of customer.  Once people realized that Traxxas RTR has the same performance and quality as the traditional KIT model, only they don't need to assemble it, the RTR truck becomes  a hit! But the KIT version will still be offered to those who would rather enjoy a do-it-yourself experience.


  • Traxxas has won many national and regional off-road championships and then offered KIT versions of these vehicles as winning models: the TRX-1 buggy, the Blue Eagle race truck, the TCP buggy and the SRT race truck. TCP and SRT cars can still be found today in competitive racing locally and regionally.
  • In 1989, Traxxas applied the RTR concept to the world of radio-controlled ship models and developed the sea cruiser Villain IV. Until then there had never been anything of this scale, with twin engines, twin propellers and electronically controlled engine revolutions.
  • After a series of successful RTR electric models, Traxxas took the next step in development by creating the first fuel-powered RTR truck. When the legendary Nitro Hawk was released in 1992, it instantly gained popularity and opened the door for a new wave of RC nitro consumers. Traxxas unraveled the complexities of nitro engines, and made awesome speed and power available to all RC hobby consumers, including the new "entry level" generation of users.
  • In 1996, Traxxas made the first "Ready to Run" nitro-powered ship model - the Nitro Vee. It features water cooling and an innovative Return-To-Shore feature that uses the auxiliary electric motor to return the Nitro Vee to shore if the nitro engine runs out of fuel. It was also the first nitro boat to feature a clutch function that allows the Nitro Vee to idle and move at low speeds with the accuracy of an electric boat model.
  • And then, in 1999, the T-Maxx series came along. With the T-Maxx, Traxxas embarked on an all-out technological attack on the world of radio-controlled cars. This model embodied all the skills and diligence of the engineers at Traxxas, who are truly passionate about their craft and the products they create. This is the first nitro car with a real forward/reverse gearbox driven by a TQ3 3-channel radio control system. The gearbox is fully covered, allowing for an automatic two-speed mechanism that functions forward and reverse, and allows for a top speed of up to 50 km/h.


Today, Traxxas has become the #1 selling brand for RTR nitro and electric models. No one has done more than Traxxas, promoting the RTR class with innovative thinking and unique designs that allow everyone to join the fascinating world of RC hobby.

As Brian Schneider, a Manager of Roger's HobbyCenter, states:

"Part of Traxxas’ success is their reliance on a singular platform for their more entry-level vehicles. The Bandit, Rustler, Stampede, and Slash all draw heavily on the same parts: suspension, transmission, and most of the vehicles use the same driveshafts and axles. Focusing on a single platform with multiple variations benefits everyone; the manufacturer has fewer R&D costs as well as production costs, hobby shops can stock fewer parts yet still service more cars, and consumers can transition parts from one truck to another."

Traxxas VS Losi: Which Brand Is Better?

The table below shows main advantages and features of each brand.

1:6, 1:7, 1:8, 1:10, 1:16, 1:18 1:5, 1:6, 1:8, 1:10, 1:14, 1:16, 1:18
Buggy Monster Truck On-Road Car Short Course Truck Stadium Truck Trail / Crawler Buggy Drag Car Monster Truck Rock Crawler Rock Racer Short Course Stadium Truck Truggy
Ready-To-Run Kit Bind-N-Drive Ready-To-Run Roller
Electric Nitro Electric Nitro Gas
Yes No
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Traxxas VS Losi: Models Comparison

And now it's time to compare the models one by one, and see their pros and cons.

Traxxas Unlimited RC Desert Racer


Losi Super Baja Rey Desert Truck

Traxxas Unlimited RC Desert Racer Losi Super Baja Rey Desert Truck
1:8 1:6
50 + mph 50 + mph
Desert Truck Desert Truck
Sensorless brushless, 2200 kV Sensorless brushless, 1200 kV
Electric Electric
Independent Front/4-Link Rear Independent Front/4-Link Rear
TQi™ 2-channel transmitter with 6533 TSM receiver Spektrum DX2E ACTIVE with AVC

 1:8 Traxxas Unlimited RC Desert Racer
1:8 Traxxas Unlimited RC Desert Racer
  • Ready to Run. For 14 +
  • 4WD. 2200kV Brushless Motor, Solid Rear Axle, Heavy-Duty Front CV Drive shafts, Torque-Biasing Center Drive
  • Special Details: TQi 2.4GHz Radio System, Waterproof, LED Lighting

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Do you want to drive a cool car? So that the roar of the engine would overwhelm you and the adrenaline would pulsate in your veins? Traxxas Desert Racer is a rather new vehicle from the famous Traxxas manufacturer. It conquers the off-road with ease and speed. This is a radically new and significantly revised version of Traxxas engineers: the most true-to-scale and in the spirit of Baja series models. The Desert Racer is an all-wheel-drive radio-controlled model made in a large 1:8 scale and designed for experienced racers.

Pro-Scale Design

Pro-Scale is a Traxxas design that combines a cool replica exterior with the power of a brushless motor.

Speed and Range

The Desert Racer reaches speeds of up to 50 mph and a signal range of 100 feet!

Traxxas Velineon® VXL-6s Electrinic Speed Control

Traxxas Velineon® VXL-6s speed control easily puts the car into training mode so that you quickly get used to and adapt to the character of this supercar. It’s also waterproof.

Servo System

Traxxas Desert Racer’s high-precision servo system is equipped with reliable water protection – the vehicle is ready to win on the track in any weather!

Traxxas Stability Management® (TSM)

TSM system works steadily and invisibly for the rider, but it’s noticeable in tight corners.


The all-wheel-drive model comes with an RTR package, but for the first run you need to buy 2 Li-PO batteries with 5000 mAh 2S/3S as a minimum, a battery charger (Traxxas EZ-Peak Dual 100-240V 8A 100W is recommended) and 4 batteries (AA) for the radio remote control.

Tires and Body

The sturdy composite nylon body material, trendy BFGoodrich® KR3 tires and rims, bright aggressive look, lightness and handling have already been praised by expert riders.


  • Dual straight LED bumper-mounted LED light bars (52 LEDs each). No flickering or dimming as the battery voltage changes
  • Speed up to 50+ mph with Two 3s LiPo Batteries
  • Innovative Battery Compartment opens from underneath without removing body and has skid plate to protect batteries
  • Large Pro Scale® Body with highly detailed replica parts
  • Hex Hardware with Rust-Resistant Black Oxide Coating
  • Traxxas Stability Management® (TSM) improves straight line acceleration and braking on low-traction surfaces. It never dulls throttle or slows the truck
  • Available in red, blue and white-orange colors

Traxxas Desert Racer Unboxing:

1:6 Losi Super Baja Rey Desert Truck
1:6 Losi Super Baja Rey Desert Truck
  • Ready to Run. For 14 +
  • 4WD. 1200 Kv Brushless Motor and 160A ESC, Full Bodied Roll Cage. High travel independent front suspension and 4-link live rear axle
  • Special Details: Spektrum DX2E Active Radio System, Waterproof, LED Lighting

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With realistic controls, it's as if you're behind the wheel of a full-scale off-road vehicle. Explore the terrain with confidence - the steering wheel won't let you down. Oil-filled spring-hydraulic shock absorbers enhance the appearance and help you to overcome the most challenging terrain. Like a real SUV, the Super Baja Rey is equipped with an incredibly strong safety frame that increases the resemblance to the original vehicle and increases the model's durability.

Realistic Appearance

Four bolt-on body panels give the model a realistic appearance. The four-wheel drive all-wheel drive improves traction. Front, middle-axle and rear differentials control the rotation of the wheels. You can adjust the differentials to suit different riding conditions. Front and rear LED lights give you enough light to ride at night.

Servo & Battery Compartment

The powerful, waterproof Spektrum™ S904 digital servo is built to withstand any challenge. The high torque combined with lightning-fast speed will provide an incredible racing experience. The battery compartment in the back of the model makes it easy to change the battery. No need to remove the body.


The tires not only make the appearance more realistic, but also serve their direct function.

Remote Control

The included Spektrum DX2e ACTIVE remote control is equipped with advanced AVC technology, a 3-position throttle switch, and has a stroke control function. An additional connector helps you connect a Spektrum speedometer or Bluetooth module. You can attach your phone to the designated mount and use the Spektrum Dashboard app.

Active Vehicle Control 

Built-in AVC (Active Vehicle Control) technology kicks in, making throttle and steering adjustments hundreds of times per second, so that even more engine power is converted into ballistic speed and acceleration.

*AVC is available for Black and Red models. 2.o models (Brenthel and King) do not have it

Extra Accessories:

  • Spektrum speedometer allows you to track the speed of your car in real time. The device records the maximum speed. The speedometer is equipped with an easy to use screen (requires additional equipment).
  • Spektrum FPV mounts will make it easy to install FPV (first-person flight) system. Add Spektrum FPV camera and headset and you are ready for an impressive race.
  • Spektrum Dashboard Mobile App allows you to view various parameters: speed, engine temperature, battery voltage and many others.


  • 4-lever rear axle
  • Independent A-arm front suspension.
  • Oil-filled spring-hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Dynamite Fuze 1200 Kv commutator less motor and 160 amp speed regulator.
  • With a 6S LiPo battery the model can reach speeds of up to 80km/h.
  • Safety frame
  • 4 bolt-on body panels
  • 4mm rigid panel ensures the strength of the car.
  • All-wheel drive and adjustable differential
  • Bright LED indicators
  • Large-scale servo drive
  • Rear battery compartment
  • Heavy-duty tires
  • Full freedom with AVC technology
  • Speedometer
  • FPV system additional mount
  • Spektrum Dashboard Mobile App

Losi Super Baja Rey with AVC Unboxing:

Losi Super Baja Rey 2.0 King Unboxing: