Tsubame Industries has demonstrated the Archax 01 manned robot transformer in action (video)

By: Anry Sergeev | 27.10.2023, 20:39
Tsubame Industries has demonstrated the Archax 01 manned robot transformer in action (video)

Ryo Yoshida, CEO of startup Tsubame Industries, has ambitious dreams of creating a huge $3 million Archax controlled robot that not only turns science fiction into reality, but could also have various applications in the future and change the way we interact with robots. This idea has the potential to revolutionise different fields, from entertainment to rescue and construction.

Rio Yoshida has created a huge robot called Archax, which everyone in Japan is comparing to the robots of the popular anime franchise Gundam (ahead of our famous Evangelion), which is ushering in a new era for robotics. The Archax robot is an impressive 4.5 metres tall and weighs 3.5 tonnes, making it one of the largest controllable robots in the world. It is controlled by a pilot and moves at speeds of up to 10 kilometres per hour. Archax is equipped with 26 joints that the pilot controls with joysticks, pedals and a touch screen, making it seem as if the pilot has become the robot itself. Recently, the first model of such a robot was demonstrated in motion. It will be seen live at the Japan Mobility Show, which opens in Tokyo next weekend.

Yoshida is also considering using multiple robots for sports competitions and tasks ranging from cleaning up after disasters to working on construction sites. "I want to make people's dreams come true, the dream people once had as a child, which is to get on board a robot and control it just like science fiction movies".

Tsubame Industries' main goal is to develop a system that will integrate a human pilot with the robot and realise the concept of feeling the pilot as a giant moving object. The Transformer has two modes: in one, it moves on four wheels like a car. In the second, it walks like a human being on two legs. The cockpit looks fantastic - controlled by Archax without portholes, with three displays placed around the pilot.

About Tsubame Industries

The company says it is focused on turning "science fiction" into "science reality", working on innovative projects in robotics development to provide an unprecedented future for the world. Tsubame Industries chose its name and logo inspired by swallows, which are favourite birds in Japan as they mark the arrival of spring.

Source: Tsubame Industries