Humanoid robot Mika becomes the world's first AI CEO at Dictador, a Polish company producing collectible rum

By: Anry Sergeev | 06.11.2023, 14:01
Humanoid robot Mika becomes the world's first AI CEO at Dictador, a Polish company producing collectible rum

Mika, the world's first humanoid robot with artificial intelligence, has been appointed CEO of Dictador, a global Polish-based company that produces collectible rum. According to the company, this underlines the company's "innovative approach and focus on the future". But so far, it all looks like nothing more than a PR campaign to draw attention to the alcohol producer. 

The new CEO of Dictador is a female robot named Mika, who is a more advanced version of her prototype sister Sophia, who was "activated" in 2015 in Hong Kong by Hanson Robotics Ltd. Mika will be the spokesperson for Dictador, the rum producer, and a member of the board of directors responsible for the Arthouse Spirits DAO project and communication with its community.

Marek Szoldrowski, President of Dictador Europe, comments on this as a revolutionary and bold decision that will change the world as we know it forever. Earlier this year, Dictador created the world's first DAO concept that is backed by valuable assets stored in a treasury. The treasury includes a unique collection of the oldest and rarest rums worth over USD 50 million.

The Arthouse Spirits DAO community provides its members with exclusive access to VIPs and extraordinary activities that money can't buy, including the opportunity to meet and spend time with Mika. Daniel Langer, CEO of Équité and professor of luxury strategy at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, believes that Dictador demonstrates an impressive vision of a future without limits to imagination and value creation.

video: Reuters

About Dictador

Dictador wants to be perceived as a next-generation collectibles brand and global thought leader that seeks to positively influence the future by inviting rebellious thinking to make a difference. Dictador claims control of the world's largest stock of exclusive and rare rums, collaborates with craftsmen, artists and rule-breakers, and uses unique NFTs and Arthouse Spirits DAOs to showcase its unique manifesto.

About Arthouse Spirits DAO

The Arthouse Spirits DAO is a pioneering project created by Dictador, a producer of exclusive rum. This decentralised, autonomous organisation brings together high net worth investors looking to invest in rare rums. With a valuable portfolio of more than $50 million, DAO provides members with unique access to VIP events and collectible rums. With the appointment of humanoid robot Mika as CEO, DAO is focusing on progressive digital strategies and leadership in the luxury sector.