Superscarysnakes will make you pass the game in 18 minutes

By: Igor Nikitin | 23.03.2018, 22:05
Superscarysnakes will make you pass the game in 18 minutes

While some developers are stretching the gameplay, others are forced to play games in 18 minutes. After thinking about it, Superscarysnakes started Black Future '88.


The developers will throw the player into an alternative 1988. The evil scientist created a tower that tries to kill you. The player's task is to stay alive and get rid of the scientist. The environment is made in the style of cyber punk, as indicated by the scenery and the soundtrack from Tremor Low.

How to play it

At first glance, the task looks easy, but there are two obstacles. The first is that each of the 6 floors is procedurally generated. You will not be able to learn the level, because after each death the game generates everything anew. Second - the main character has only 18 minutes to complete the task. A bomb is built into his heart, which explodes after time has elapsed. Black Future '88 can be passed alone or in company with a friend.

The player's choice is represented by five characters, which can not be improved or hung with new equipment. To further sweeten the life of the protagonist, the tower itself collects the left coins and spends them to improve their traps. In the game there are also temporary improvements, which are called "curses". For example: if you take the "curse" for the rate of fire, then this will increase the number of enemies in the location.

The only thing that theoretically will help the player is the weapon. In the demo version of 50 weapons, and before the release of this amount will increase to 100. Each gun has its own damage and capabilities.

When to expect

Black Future '88 was shown on GDC 2018, and later, this year, it will visit personal computers. If the story interests you, then go to the developers site and subscribe to the demo version.