Disney plans to block password sharing

By: Nastya Bobkova | 05.04.2024, 03:38
Disney plans to block password sharing

Disney has announced its intention to block password sharing for its Disney+ and Hulu platforms.

Here's What We Know

Disney's decision to ban password sharing on the Disney+ and Hulu platforms is part of their strategy to increase revenue through streaming video. Sharing passwords can lead to many users accessing content without paying for a subscription. This affects the company's profits as they lose revenue from those who use password sharing instead of paying for their own subscriptions.

The company's CEO confirmed that the innovation could come into effect this summer.

After the successful implementation of similar measures by Netflix, Disney decided to join the fight against password sharing. The company plans to analyse account usage to ensure that subscriptions are used only within the same family.

Earlier in February, account holders in the US were warned about the impending reform, but without a specific date.

Netflix already implemented similar measures in the US last year, which brought them additional subscribers. These changes may force users to consider paying for their own account.

Source: 9to5Mac