Microsoft to invest $2.9bn in artificial intelligence and cloud technology in Japan

By: Bohdan Kaminskyi | 10.04.2024, 15:03
Microsoft to invest $2.9bn in artificial intelligence and cloud technology in Japan

Microsoft has announced plans to invest $2.9bn over the next two years to develop its hyperscale cloud computing and artificial intelligence infrastructure in Japan. This will be Microsoft's largest investment in the country.

Here's What We Know

The announcement follows a meeting in Washington between Microsoft President Brad Smith and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who is in the US on an official visit.

Microsoft is also set to expand its digital training programmes to teach AI skills to more than 3 million people in Japan within three years. The company also plans to open an AI and robotics lab in the country and strengthen cybersecurity co-operation with the Japanese government.

Kishida's visit to the US includes a meeting with President Joe Biden, where the two leaders will discuss strengthening ties in areas including defence, economic security and key technologies.

Kishida has previously urged US companies to step up investment in Japan in areas such as semiconductors, AI and quantum computing. He said Japanese investment would also provide "capital" for more investment in both countries.

According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, Japan is the top investor country in the United States with $775.2bn at the end of 2022. It is followed by Canada and the United Kingdom. This is far more than China's investment of $44.8bn.

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Source: Microsoft, Bloomberg