The Showtime platform is closing

By: Nastya Bobkova | 12.04.2024, 02:14
The Showtime platform is closing

In early April, it became known that the standalone streaming platform Showtime would soon cease to exist.

Here's What We Know

After the Showtime programmes were included in Paramount Plus, Paramount Global decided to close the standalone Showtime platform. Users began receiving notifications about the end of access to Showtime on 30 April. They are then invited to subscribe to the Paramount Plus plan, which includes Showtime for $11.99 per month.

While this transition may be inconvenient for some subscribers, Paramount Global is committed to fully integrating the Showtime brand into its line-up. However, the decision may raise doubts among fans about the disappearance of the separate network behind many of their favourite shows.

Source: The Verge