Cillian Murphy in Far Cry? Insider hints at Oppenheimer star's involvement in new Ubisoft game

By: Anton Kratiuk | 21.04.2024, 13:32
Cillian Murphy in Far Cry? Insider hints at Oppenheimer star's involvement in new Ubisoft game

Ubisoft is keeping silent about the new Far Cry instalment, so all the information about the game comes from insiders. Mostly it comes from Tom Henderson, but today another informant hinted at interesting nuances of Far Cry 7.

Here's What We Know

French insider j0nathan, who "specialises" in Assassin's Creed news has stumped his subscribers and Far Cry fans with an interesting set of images.

The public began to unravel the puzzle and the photo of actor Cillian Murphy, star of the film Oppenheimer and the TV series Peaky Blinders, caused the most confusion.

Many gamers made an assumption that Cillian Murphy will play the role of the main antagonist in Far Cry 7, but j0nathan immediately clarified that the photo of the artist is not what everyone thought, but something else. What?

Some have speculated that Joseph Seed, who set off a nuclear explosion in one of Far Cry 5's ending variants, might return in the seventh part, and Killan's photo is related to the Oppenheimer film about the creator of the nuclear bomb. But a similar plot has already been realised in Far Cry New Dawn (2019) and it's unlikely Ubisoft wants to repeat itself.

Rebus j0nathan raises many questions and theories, but the fact that it refers to Far Cry 7 leaves no doubt. In favour of this is the "seven" written in the font from the third Far Cry instalment against the backdrop of a tropical island. And the giant psychedelic crab looks quite in Far Cry style: narcotic mushrooms and other substances haven't expanded consciousness of characters of this series so much yet.

As for the explosive charge with a timer for 72 hours, that's how long the player will be given to save the main character's family, according to Tom Henderson.

Source: j0nathan