Xiaomi has unveiled the BE5000: a Wi-Fi 7 router for $40

By: Myroslav Trinko | 16.05.2024, 11:50
Xiaomi has unveiled the BE5000: a Wi-Fi 7 router for $40

Xiaomi is expanding its range of Wi-Fi routers with a new model.

Here's What We Know

The novelty has been named Xiaomi BE5000. The router is equipped with five antennas. The gadget supports the Wi-Fi 7 protocol. Its bandwidth and speed are 68% and 48% higher than Wi-Fi 6. The router is equipped with Multi-Link Operation (MLO) feature that allows simultaneous connection to two frequency bands. MLO's dual-channel integration allows the two channels to transmit a signal in parallel to better cope with environmental interference. In addition, the new product also features Xrange 2.0 technology for increased coverage.

Xiaomi BE5000 runs on a chip that is made on a 6nm process. It supports up to 128 connected devices simultaneously. The router comes with four ports, including a high-speed WAN/LAN 2.5 Gbps network port and three WAN/LAN 1 Gbps ports. The new product has a low-latency gaming mode.

Price and when to expect

Xiaomi BE5000 can already be bought in China for $40. Whether the router will appear on the global market is still unknown.

Via: Gizmochina