NVIDIA CEO predicts competitive AI in 5 years' time

By: Bohdan Kaminskyi | 01.12.2023, 12:51
NVIDIA CEO predicts competitive AI in 5 years' time

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang believes that in five years' time, artificial intelligence will emerge that can compete with human intelligence in terms of breadth of capabilities.

Here's What We Know

According to him, if by general AI (AGI) to understand a system that passes tests on a level with humans, then in the near future such algorithms will be created.

Huang believes that competition in artificial intelligence will lead to off-the-shelf AI tools. Companies in different industries will be able to customise them to suit their needs, from chip design and software development to drug discovery and radiology, the top executive predicts.

The NVIDIA CEO recalled that a few years ago, at the request of Elon Musk, he gave OpenAI one of the first supercomputers designed specifically for AI needs. In his view, recent developments at OpenAI show the importance of good corporate governance of such organisations.

Among the key obstacles to AGI, the NVIDIA CEO cited the lack of multi-step logical reasoning capability in modern algorithms. However, all leading technology companies are actively working in this direction, so progress in the field of AI is moving at a very fast pace, Huang summarised.

Source: CNBC