Google has released the Gemini AI model in three configurations

By: Bohdan Kaminskyi | 06.12.2023, 19:11
Google has released the Gemini AI model in three configurations

Google has unveiled its latest Gemini neural network - the corporation's most powerful artificial intelligence model to date.

Here's What We Know

The model will be available in three variants for different tasks. The first configuration, Gemini Ultra, is focused on the most complex tasks where large amounts of multimodal data need to be analysed. Google claims that Ultra has outperformed human experts on the criteria of massive multilingual understanding in 57 subject areas.

Gemini Pro is designed for a wide range of applications. It will be available to developers and enterprise Google Cloud customers in mid-December.

Finally, Gemini Nano is optimised for mobile devices and highly specialised tasks. Creators of Android applications will be able to use it.

All modifications of Gemini will be used in Google products: search, chatbot Bard and other services. By early 2024, Bard will upgrade to Gemini Ultra and become "Bard Advanced" with significantly expanded capabilities.

Google is positioning Gemini as one of the biggest developments in the company's history. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, incorporating next-generation neural networks into products holds great promise for users around the world.

Source: Google