Samsung has confirmed the development of a foldable tablet

By: Elena Shcherban | 17.08.2023, 21:20
Samsung has confirmed the development of a foldable tablet

Samsung has already "got its hands" on foldable smartphones, and now it looks like it's time to move to the next stage - to the release of foldable tablets and laptops.

Here's What We Know

Earlier, an insider reported that Samsung will release a foldable tablet this year. When exactly this will happen is unclear, but Samsung representatives confirmed that the company is indeed working on such a gadget.

This information was confirmed by Samsung's head of mobile division Tae Moon Roh (T.M. Roh) in an interview with The Independent on 28 July, but for some reason his words were only noticed by the media now.

"What has been applied to the smartphone will then spread to the tablet and laptops as well. To that end, we at Samsung are investing a lot of resources".

According to the division head, Samsung will launch foldable tablets and laptops only when it is ready to deliver meaningful innovation to consumers.

"It (a foldable tablet) still needs to be thin and light so that it’s highly portable. But it has to be strong so that it can be used without worry."

Incidentally, Samsung's patent for a foldable tablet called Galaxy Fold Tab was previously reported. It shows a device with a display that can fold inward or outward.

Source: Android Authority
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