Hamas showed an Al-Asef guided torpedo with an action camera and small warhead that has already been used against Israel

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 02.11.2023, 15:11

Hamas demonstrated a new guided torpedo. It is called Al-Asef and has already been used against Israel.

Here's What We Know

Palestinian terrorists do not disclose the characteristics of the new guided torpedo. However, Naval News journalists were able to learn some information about it after analysing a published video.

The Al-Asef appears to be an unmanned underwater vehicle with a simple fuse mounted next to a small warhead. It is controlled by a GoPro style action camera.

The hull is made of metal. It is possible that Al-Asef uses an ordinary compressed gas cylinder. Along with the use of an action camera, this suggests that the device is not a full-fledged underwater drone, but can dive to a shallow depth.

In addition, it is not clear whether Al-Asef has an internal combustion engine or batteries. It is possible that the device is equipped with a petrol engine, as in the case of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Source: Naval News