Metro series of games gets big discounts on Steam until December 18

By: Vladyslav Nuzhnov | 05.12.2023, 11:53
Metro series of games gets big discounts on Steam until December 18

The Ukrainian studio 4A Games is quite famous all over the world for its Metro series of post-apocalyptic first-person shooters that take the player to Russia destroyed by nuclear war. And if you haven't played these games yet, now is the best opportunity to buy them, as the entire trilogy and add-ons have received discounts of up to 90%.

Here's What We Know

Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux - the first two parts of the series cost $2 each. The story tells about a young man named Artem, who escaped from nuclear explosions in the Moscow metro. One day, his station is terrorised by mysterious black creatures, and the protagonist has no choice but to embark on a long and exciting journey. You will have to visit different stations, the surface of a dead city, look death in the eye and make every effort to save one of the last refuges of humanity.

Metro Exodus, the third game in the series, costs $6. We are still playing as Artem, but now we will be travelling across destroyed Russia, not just Moscow. Most of the events take place in a semi-open world, the arsenal has improved, the graphics have become more realistic, the story timing has increased, and the atmosphere is perhaps the strongest aspect of the game.

You can also buy the Gold Edition for $8, which includes two story add-ons (they can also be purchased separately if you already have Exodus)

But if you haven't played any Metro games, we recommend that you pay attention to the Metro Saga Bundle, which includes Metro 2033 Redux, Metro Last Light Redux, Metro Exodus, and all the add-ons. The price of this bundle is $9.

More details about the promotion can be found at this link.