Batman: Arkham Trilogy: the console has the hardest time with Arkham Knight

By: Vladyslav Nuzhnov | 01.12.2023, 12:02
Batman: Arkham Trilogy: the console has the hardest time with Arkham Knight

On 1 December, the Batman: Arkham Trilogy for $60, which includes Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight, created by Rocksteady. However, it cannot be called a "perfect" release.

Here's What We Know

The biggest problems arise during the passage of Batman: Arkham Knight. The creator of the GameRiot YouTube channel said that the game constantly experiences fps drops, especially when travelling in the Batmobile.

Arkham Asylum also has a similar story, but it is a little better. The best situation is in Arkham City - this game has the fewest problems, and so far it is the only one that can be played relatively comfortably. If we compare the collection with PlayStation 4, the authors had to greatly reduce the quality of textures and everything else.

Although there was skepticism about the correct operation of Arkham Knight even before the release of the collection, the game still looks great and can give a head start to projects released this year. So it's quite understandable why the Nintendo Switch, which doesn't have powerful specs, has difficulty running the game. Probably, it will be possible to play all three games with pleasure with the release of the next generation of the console.

We would like to remind you that along with the release of the collection, Batman: Arkham Knight was accompanied by Robert Pattinson's costume from Batman 2022. The costume is currently available on Switch and will appear on other platforms later. However, specific dates are unknown.

Source: @GameRiotArmy