Ajax Special Event 2022: technologies for smart home LifeQuality, LightSwitch, FireProtect 2 and WaterStop

By: Vladyslav Nuzhnov | 11.10.2022, 18:24
Ajax Special Event 2022: technologies for smart home LifeQuality, LightSwitch, FireProtect 2 and WaterStop

Ajax Systems held the fourth Special Event called "Comfort Zone". The company decided to go beyond the usual security system and create something that will provide comfort in every home or office. The company presented the LifeQuality air quality control system, the LightSwitch smart light switch, the WaterStop anti-flood system, the FireProtect 2 fire safety system, and many interesting updates to the Ajax ecosystem.

How the War in Ukraine Affected Ajax Systems

During the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, 11 million Ukrainians installed the Airborne Alarm app. It notifies about the threat of a missile strike in a smartphone and saves lives. But most people do not even know who is the developer of the application. It was created by Ajax Systems, a technology company that specializes in security systems. The company's head office is located in Kyiv.

Even in the difficult conditions of war, Ajax Systems managed to resume full production. Today Ajax Systems unites 2500 employees, including more than 500 engineers. The company is completing the construction of a second plant in Turkey and increasing production volumes in Ukraine by 30%. In the future, the company plans to enter the US, Canada, Australia, Argentina and Mexico.

At the Special Event presentation, various devices were shown, which primarily create protection of comfort and health.

LifeQuality: Air Quality On the Smartphone Screen

LifeQuality is a professional indoor air quality monitoring sensor that measures temperature, humidity and CO2. The sensor is equipped with Swiss and Swedish sensors used in medical equipment, so the data will be as accurate as possible. The advantage of the detector is the ability to track all indicators through the Ajax app. You can view current readings or history for several days, a week, a month, and even a year. This will help to understand the dynamics of air quality.

LightSwitch: Smart Light Switch

LightSwitch is a large touch panel that responds to pressing or contactless activation. You can also control the lighting in your home remotely using the Ajax app, you can even set a timer when the light will turn on or receive notifications on your smartphone when the light turns off, the latter function is most useful for parents with small children. The panel also uses a soft LED backlight to help you find it in complete darkness.

WaterStop: Not a Drop Of Leakage Problems

WaterStop is a remote-controlled water shut-off valve. The system creates a fully automated anti-flood system. WaterStop consists of a tap and a powerful electric drive. The system can shut off the water automatically through the Ajax app or by pressing a button on the device. WaterStop is based on the proprietary Jeweller technology (the main wireless data transmission protocol used by Ajax Systems). It provides communication at a distance of up to 1,100 meters and is protected by encryption.

FireProtect 2: Fire Safety Provided Through Dust And Steam

FireProtect 2 is a line of detectors that provide fire safety in the residential sector. The device is equipped with a smoke chamber that is protected from dust and insects. Therefore, it does not need to be cleaned regularly. The peculiarity of the sensors is two sensors. The first is a bispectral optical sensor that can distinguish smoke from steam. The second: a thermistor, it quickly distinguishes a fire, even if it is not visible. Both sensors have versions with replaceable and built-in batteries. The detector will operate for up to 7 years with replaceable batteries, and at least 10 years with built-in batteries.

Ajax has also developed separate versions without a smoke chamber in a smaller body. There are different versions: with a temperature sensor, with a carbon monoxide sensor, and with two sensors simultaneously.

Price & When We Can Expect It

The price and the possibility to order all products will appear in the 4th quarter of 2022.

Go Deeper:

In addition, the company also presented several updates to its technology:

  • Keypad access codes for unregistered users. The feature allows assigning a separate access code to a person or company in the hub settings without creating an Ajax account. Therefore, there is no need to register someone else in the Ajax app.
  • Photo by alarm of any device. During an incident, such as a robbery, detectors with PhOD can take photos.
  • Ajax-Ready. The ability to create new independent products based on the Ajax security system.
  • Updated app that adds even more features and capabilities.
  • Socket Plus (type G) socket with arc fault protection. As soon as the detectors detect sparking of the device, the socket will automatically turn off, and a notification will be sent to the Ajax app.

The full list is available here.

Catch Up Quick

At the end of the presentation, CEO of the company Aleksandr Konotopskyi said that with this presentation Ajax Systems wanted to show that they are not just a burglar alarm. Now Ajax can be an anti-flood system, fire safety or lighting control system. Now you need to offer much more than just an alarm, or no alarm at all.

In general, Ajax Systems made a pleasant impression on me. I was lucky to attend the presentation live in Kyiv, but before that, the company was worried that I and my colleagues from other publications would not expose ourselves to the danger of airborne alarm. As for the organization of the presentation, I have no questions, everything was at the highest level. Therefore, as a Ukrainian, I am proud that such world-class brands are created in my country.