Elbit Systems has handed over a new batch of Sabrah light tanks to the Philippine Army

By: Myroslav Trinko | 03.11.2023, 13:55

The Philippine Army has received a new batch of Sabrah light tanks.

Here's What We Know

This was reported by analyst @MonteroMax in the social network Twitter. He also published photos and videos of the delivery and unloading of the equipment.

According to the analyst, the Philippine Army received 9 tanks based on the ASCOD infantry fighting vehicle. One of the tanks is in the version of a command vehicle or a recovery vehicle. The Philippines signed a contract for the delivery of the vehicles with the Israeli company Elbit Systems in 2021. The Philippine Army will receive a total of 20 tanks.


Sabrah is a light tank of the Israeli company Elbit Systems. It is available in several versions: based on the ASCOD and Pandur II infantry fighting vehicle. The tank is equipped with an electrically powered turret, 105 mm gun and FN MAG 7.62×51 mm machine gun. The Sabrah can reach speeds of up to 72 km/h (on road). The tank is powered by a 720 hp diesel engine.

Source: @MonteroMax